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A Day In The Life of Me and My Ant Colony

34,548 views 9 months ago
This video features a typical day with my pet Solenopsis geminata (tropical red fire ant) colony in their AntsCanada Omni Nest™. Please Comment, 'Like', and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks, guys!

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AntsCanada Tutorials Play

Our very helpful tutorials on ant keeping.

Lasius neoniger Play

This colony began with a single gravid queen captured in 2009. They are residing in a habitat nest.

Camponotus noveboracensis Play

This colony came to us from a friend with a initial worker count of about 40 workers in 2010. They were moved into a large black habitat nest.

Tetramorium sp E Play

Tetramorium colony reared from just a single queen captured in 2009.
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