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How To Be A Hero Play

In this new series, How To Be A Hero, we sat down with a few NYC-based non-profit Heroes and asked them to share their stories and a few tips to nurture the inner hero.

Vote Everywhere 2012 - the series Play

micro series: Millennial Bloc Rises

Frustrated by a Voting ID maze, Bobby, an everyday college student, rallies friends to take a stand on issues that impact their voting power and lives.

Mashing up traditional voting blocs, holidays, national and international events with pop culture - Bobby activates a diverse millennial bloc to vote together in the 2012 General Election.

ACTIVATE your own Election Day Friend Mob: http://www.meetup.com/VoteEverywhere

Site: andrewgoodman.org/voteeverywhere
Blog: blog.andrewgoodman.org
Facebook: facebook.com/theandrewgoodmanfoundation
Twitter: @andrewgoodmanF
Hashtag: #VoteEverywhere
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