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20 Years of Doom...

7,644 views 7 months ago
20 years ago, a legacy was created.

Come join me, Casey "Altima Mantoid" Alvis, live on Twitch.tv for a 24-hour event celebrating two full decades of Doom!

The event will begin at 7 pm EST! The fight against Hell's forces wages on, one more time...

A HUGE thank you to Nico Thulin for helping compile this video! You can find his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user... as well as at http://www.snupster.com Show less
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Let's (blind) Play: Doom 3, RoE, LM: BFG Edition Play

This is a playlist for all of "Doom 3: BFG Edition", including the expansions "Resurrection of Evil" and "Lost Mission" on one set rather than 3 separate ones. This is the PC version of the game.

Mega Man: Mantis Style Play

What is Mantis-style? The objective of Mantis-style is to (currently) complete the Robot Master stages of Mega Man 1 - Mega Man 6 under the following rules:

1.) I cannot take damage from anything.
2.) I cannot use any weapon except the basic Mega Buster.
3.) I cannot use save states, except between bosses.
4.) I cannot miss a shot. Shots may also not be deflected by anything, unless it is part of the mechanic to destroy the enemy/boss.

Am I crazy? You decide.

Let's Play: Action Adventure World Play

My playthrough of "Action Adventure World" for the PC. It is an episodic-released game.
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