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AlphaSphere - a musical instrument for now

1,095 views 2 months ago
An award winning electronic musical instrument, the AlphaSphere has been popping up on stages and in studios across the world.

All loops featured in this video are bundled with AlphaLive, the software that accompanies the AlphaSphere.

Designed in Bristol, UK, by nu desine ltd. Show less
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Tutorials - MIDI Mode Play

A set of tutorials covering how to use MIDI Mode within the AlphaSphere software, AlphaLive. This set of videos uses scenes 1-5 of the 'Tutorial Project' AlphaLive project, which is installed into 'Documents/AlphaLive Projects/Tutorial Project' off the AlphaLive installation disc.

Tutorials - Multichannel MIDI Set-Up and DAW Connectivity Play

A set of tutorials covering how to set-up the AlphaSphere as a multichannel MIDI instrument and how to use it within a number of popular digital audio workstations and MIDI sequencing applications.
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