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AfPak Mission

The AfPak Mission

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The AfPak Mission on the internet is about war on terror military and security strategy for NATO and allied countries with ground forces in action in Afghanistan and air and airborne forces including drones and special force raids in action over Pakistan.

The AfPak Mission helps implementation of the Bush Doctrine versus state sponsors of terror and is inspired by the leadership of Condoleezza Rice.

The AfPak Mission approach to the Taliban is uncompromising.
There should be no peace with the Taliban.
The only "good" Taliban is a dead Taliban.
Arrest all Taliban political leaders and media spokesmen.
Capture or kill all Taliban fighters.

The AfPak Mission identifies useful content across multiple websites.

On YouTube, the AfPak Mission channel presents playlists of useful videos.

The AfPak Mission forum offers structured on-line written discussion facilities and the forum is the rallying and reference centre of the AfPak Mission, linking to all other AfPak Mission content on the internet.

The AfPak Mission has a Twitter, a Flickr and a wordpress Blog too.
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Military strategy for total victory. A very firm "NO" to shameful surrender proposals dressed up as "peace talks".
How Pakistan supports the Taliban. Including the BBC documentary in 2 parts revealing the continuing support to the Taliban given from Pakistan's military and intelligence establishment.
Getting people and supplies in and out of Afghanistan securely, without paying bribes which fund our enemies, is a tough problem to solve.
The women of the West who serve us with courage and compassion. Our wonderful women leaders inspire our troops in Afghanistan to complete the mission. They love us, we love them.
The lesson from the Iraq Mission is that aid payments to state sponsors of terrorism, like Egypt and Pakistan, don't buy friends, they buy enemy terrorist satellite TV channels.
Malala Yousafzai and Benazir Bhutto
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