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American Dance Training Camp

American Dance Training Camps :: The ULTIMATE Overnight Dance Camp!

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We offer overnight dance camps for girls ages 8 - 17 as well as dance teacher training camps & school-based dance programs nationwide. http://www.AmericanDanceTra...

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The best way to understand the American Dance Training Camps is to attend one of our dance camps. American Dance Training Camp is a movement towards love with an inherent belief in core values that inspire us every day we wake up. We invite you to join the American Dance "Movement" by attending one of our dance camps or working with us to start a dance program near you.

ADTC Overnight Dance Camps Mission

We combine high-level dance instruction with a unique and memorable summer camp experience. Our main goal is to further the development of each camper as a dancer and a person. Our outstanding dance program and wide variety of recreational activities allow campers to stay fit, build lasting friendships and gain self confidence through their accomplishments both inside and outside of the dance environment.

Company Overview
American Dance Training Camps (http://www.AmericanDanceTra...) offers five overnight dance camp locations (Vermont, California, Illinois, Maryland & Costa Rica), and six different types of camps (TRY-IT for girls ages 8 & 9; ULTIMATE for girls ages 10 - 17; INTENSIVE for girls ages 12 - 17; TEEN TRAVEL for girls ages 13 - 17; COUNSELOR-IN-TRAINING for girls ages 16 & 17; and DANCE TEACHER CERTIFICATION for ages 18 +) - all tailored to your specific age/interests and appetite.

Our Certified Dance Choreographers and dance teachers are MTV performers, Broadway dancers and contestants from your favorite TV shows. Interested in having one of them come to your hometown to teach a private dance class or dance camp? We do that, too. Our top-notch dance choreographers bring the coolest combinations from some of the best national and international dance studios, dance schools and dance performance groups...right to your dance studio, school, YMCA, parks & rec facility...wherever you are, nationwide.

Interested in partnering with us so more kids can dance? If you love children and dance, WE WANT YOU to start an American Dance program (which we call a "movement") near you. You may be hired by us to start &/or run an American Dance Movement, integrate an American Dance Movement into an existing organization, or start your own small dance business at minimal licensing cost. Many dance lovers with no previous business experience have become successful American Dance Movement Directors. Join our teaching-learning community in spreading the love of dance all over the world. Come work (and dance and play!) with us to make this vision a reality.

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Free Dance Classes Play

Free online dance classes with Celebrity American Dance Teachers & Choreographers nationwide! Start dancing like your favorite stars today! Subscribe to our dance network, www.FeeToDance.tv - create a profile, participate in dance contests, meet your favorite teachers & more! FreeToDance.tv is brought to you by the American Dance Movement & www.AmericanDanceTrainingCamps.com.

Friday Dance Shows Play

Each session at American Dance Training Camp overnight dance camps end with a Friday Night Show for parents, siblings, friends & fellow campers. Get an inside look!
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