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Kenneth Bok

The Book of Andrew - Charles Lehman and Bruce Gregory

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The Book of Andrew is about the life of Andrew the Apostle, based on past-life regression material from Charles Lehman, longtime friend and lover of Bill Thetford. It takes us back 2000 years ago to the time of Jesus and presents a view of homosexuality that is aligned with love and acceptance.

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"Charles, a very young Southern child, tells his sister that he really should have been named "Andrew." Decades later, an important early teacher of A Course in Miracles, Kenneth Wapnick, has a clairvoyant experience upon meeting Charles. He is startled to see a name emblazoned on Charles's forehead.... Andrew. Charles goes to London and a famous psychic tells him, "You knew Jesus."

He has extraordinary mystical experiences and dreams, including revelations about biblical distortions and some disciples in love with each other. Haunted by the idea that he has something important to accomplish in this life, and wondering if he may indeed have lived as the Apostle Andrew, he is guided to see Bruce Gregory for a brief series of hypnotic past-life regressions. Like a journalist sent back in time, Charles sees not only that he lived as Andrew, and that he and the Apostle Philip were lovers, but that Jesus blessed their union and, in effect, joined them in marriage. Understandably shaken, Charles Lehman utters a powerfully simple prayer, "If it is to be, let it be."

Shortly after, he begins to be awakened early each morning, at the time mystics say the veil between worlds is thinnest, to receive vivid memories in a flood of images, words, and emotions. These memories constitute the main text of The Book of Andrew, an astonishing Past-Life Memoir, Witness of a Gay Apostle." Show less
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13 Episodes - was fun while it lasted.. :)

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