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2013 in the Bible & other Ancient Texts! (E-Book Now Available)

59,378 views 10 months ago
Buy the ebook here $ 5: http://indigoflower.net/

Book Contents: http://youtu.be/7tItJLls2F4

How to get the eBook: http://youtu.be/HXVAJ-uRfiw

Music: Protectors of the Earth- Two Steps from Hell, Nick Phoenix & Thomas Bergersen
on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us...

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PROOF the Visions Come True & Watch Date Fulfillments!!! - 9nania Play

I am amazed that any of the visions and dreams come true. My reason for showing this, is so that people can understand that God really IS giving people dreams and visions of what is going to happen. These things that have come true are to wake people up. There have been many more that I've been shown that have come true. These are just the ones that I have proof for. This is WHY I upload visions and dreams. Because they are coming true!
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