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My Little Fortress 2 - Teammates To The End

8,096 views 2 weeks ago
A RED team's average day on a typical Payload map. Surely nothing could go wrong for them even if they decided to start singing about it. :P

Starring Demo Smith, Engijack, SniperBloom, Big Soldier, and our favorite friendly neighbourhood Heavy Weapons Pie~

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Hey guys! Missed me? Of course not, I'm still around, lol. But I'm sure a lot of you missed seeing My Little Fortress. :3

Okay, so this has been in my list of ideas for quite sometime now, I just never bothered to go and flesh it out until just recently.
I wanted to do this one a bit differently; I wanted to try and outdo myself in terms of what I'd usually do with MLF2 videos, because I felt that my last video (Fortress Mercenaries) didn't do the super long wait any justice at all and it never exactly lived up to the hype either. It wasn't really the best I've done, and I wanted to kinda show you guys what it would've been like if I'd put more effort into it and hadn't rushed it.

I started working on this video about 2 weeks before this upload, and it's taken exactly that amount of time for me to finish it. Fort Mercs didn't actually take as long as it had seemed to take, because again, most of it was rushed. Then again, I was dealing with college at the time, so it's not like I had a choice. I just wanted to get it over with and be done with it... wasn't exactly a wise decision either. :\

The other reason for doing this video is that because I'm going to be taking a hiatus from doing My Little Fortress videos until either season 5 (of MLP) starts, or after it's done. As I'm still struggling with college, I don't exactly have anymore time to put effort into making these, unless it's during my semester breaks, so I need to focus on what's important first without rushing my videos. So before all that, I wanted to leave you guys first with something a bit grand, go out with with a big bang, as they say~

I'll still be doing silly videos from time to time of course, just not My Little Fortress, so I'll be around! Anyways, enough of my long ramblings. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Love you all. :D

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The 'mane' attraction of my channel, and the series of videos that took the TF2/MLP fandom by storm! More videos to come!
Some of my stuff was animated too! Check these out! (NOTE: THESE ARE NOT MINE!)

Most of these are Bigserann's work, so, GO CHECK HIM OUT: http://youtube.com/Bigserann
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