Hip-Hop's Sexiest Bodies Play

With their six-packs and natural curves, these rap and hip-hop artists set fire to their music videos.

Nicki vs. Iggy Play

Nicki vs. Iggy: the two (figurative) heavyweight contenders, Minaj and Azalea, face off in an epic battle that no one song can contain. At stake: who is the one true reigning queen of hip-hop charts?

Hottest Summer Tours Play

Sweat, live music, and a cold drink make the summer experience. Watch the most-anticipated artists who are traveling the world to bring their hits to your city.

Kings of EDM Play

Ruling the clubs and parties in which they're worshiped, these EDM royalty consistently create explosive hits that power late nights and wild decisions.

Music Videos That Make No Sense Play

What's going on? Good question. These music videos from the industry's biggest artists make absolutely no sense - so just sit back, press "play," and revel in the chaos.

Don't Miss the Latest YouTube 15 on SiriusXM Play

Every week, SiriusXM features an hour-long show on its Hits 1 station based on what's trending on YouTube. Hosted by Jenna Marbles, you'll hear both emerging and established artists and you can learn more at http://www.siriusxm.com/hits1. Here are last week's featured songs!

To see more from the YouTube 15, go to http://www.siriusxm.com/youtube15

Movie Soundtrack Hits '14 Play

Providing suspense, joy, and energy to the action adventures and dramas of the year, these songs are nearly as good (or better!) than the movies they're in.

Country's Hottest Female Artists Play

Frayed denim shorts, warm smiles, and attitude that could throw a cowboy off his horse: country's beloved female artists are irresistible to watch.

'90s Summer Hits Play

Ease into your carefree summer with a nostalgic dose of the biggest songs from the '90s.

Throwback: July 2004's Top Songs Play

Journey back to the summer anthems of 2004 with the biggest hits from Janet Jackson, JoJo, and more.