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Master Gohring

Taiji Legacy 2007 Opening Ceremony Lion Dance

826,521 views 7 years ago
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I filmed this back in 2007. I have always been fascinated by the Lion Dance. Twenty Lions I found to be pretty impressive... Don't you think?

Dancing Lions Why? The Lion Dance has been a traditional part of Chinese culture for many centuries. Legend has it that the lion was made to drive off a monster which was raiding Chinese villages. Ever since, the lion has been considered a good omen. The lion is not an enemy unless provoked; it hunts for food only when hungry. Consequently the lion is believed to scare away evil spirits, and assure good luck. All festival events and tournaments therefore begin with a lion dance performed with the accompaniment of drums, cymbals & gongs. - Master Gohring, Owner, Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu, Established 1996

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