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Mike Dawes - Boogie Shred (Official Tour Video) - Solo Guitar

85,560 views 2 weeks ago
TAB available in description. Album 'What Just Happened?' out now!

Over the past year, Mike Dawes took a GoPro camera and an iPhone around the world to capture his 'What Just Happened?' world tour, and gather footage to accompany his oldest song, Boogie Shred.

'In addition to bizarre footage over 4 continents and a few recognisable landmarks, this video includes cameos from musical buddies all over the world, chaps that make the modern acoustic scene such a pleasure to be a part of. Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone who came out to a gig in one of the countries below, it was and will continue to be a pleasure to play for you all!'

This video contains clips from: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA.

Special thanks to Wally 'Gotye' De Backer, Newton Faulkner, Thomas Leeb, Sungha Jung, Andy Mckee, Jon Gomm, Mark Holcomb, Petteri Sariola + Dead Sirius 3000, the Moodies family and everyone else who gave their time to be included in this silly collection of visuals.

Extra thanks to those who booked the gigs and helped hold the cameras :)

TAB, music, tour dates and more available at http://mikedawes.com
Direct TAB link: http://www.candyrat.com/art...

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