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Herp de Derp

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I know that we're just perfect strangers
And perfect strangers that just won't do, no
Why not make today the day that a perfect stranger falls for you
And as we approach each other we feel the chemistry
With every step that we take it gains in intensity
The moment comes when it's time to take your breath away
I step right up to you and say

Herp de derp
Herp de derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I'm not this awkward all the time
Only when love is on the line
Herp de derp de derp de derp de derp derp derpy
Herpy derp herp derp herpy
Herping like it's going out of style
Imma go cry in a corner now

Girl you know that I've been waiting
For a girl as amazing as a girl like you
I may just be a crazy dreamer
But you can make a dreamer's wildest dreams come true
When I first saw you I knew that we had this chemistry
Take one step closer so we can feel this intensity
Reach out my hand and

Herp de derp
Herp dep derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I usually don't spill my coffee
But when I herp and I derp you can't stop me
Herpily derpily derpily derpily herpy derp derpy
Herpily derp herpy derp herpy
Herping like I'm a professional
Or a herpy derp demon possessed my soul

Oh every time I think she's mine I herp
Whenever I think we'll be together, I derp
One day I hope I'll find
Someone who doesn't mind
Being embarrassed by me all of the time

Herp de derp
Herp de derp
Herp herp herp herp herp de derp
I could have anyone here except
I'm extraordinarily socially inept
Herpy flerpy schmerpy berky quirpy derp derpy
Herpity derp herpy derp herpy
We're both herping like it's going out of style
We never need to herp alone now

[ad lbs]
[herpin on the herps yeah - herpin on the derps yeah - I can't stop herpin]

[verse] Am Dm G C (x2)
Dm Am G Dm Am G
[chorus] Am Em F C Dm G F C E
Am Em F C Dm G F C
Am Em F C (x2)
[bridge] Dm Am C G
Cm Am C Esus - E

Since the dawn of time, humankind has been victim to herpery and derpery. This was true when humans inhabited the jungle. It remained true when some moved to the high plains and the caves. When they trekked through the ice and snow and into forests and deserts and more jungles and more plains, it still remained true--and will even after they move away from the coastlines and into the skies.

Herpery and Derpery are eternal aggressors, having little regard for the passage of time and the changing of climates. There is no eradication- only the discovery of someone with complementary herp qualities. Those who derp too much or not enough will be crazy or boring. Some have a manner of herping that's just too foreign. But somewhere out there, there's a derp for your herp and a herp for your derp. Show less
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