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    let's start fresh.

    hi everyone! i'm sorry for being mia for a long time. there's a really long story that i can talk about explaining why i've been gone, but that'll only bore you to oblivion. so i'm gonna keep it brief.

    basically life came in the way and i didn't have time to make art let along make videos about my art. during that time i was planning on coming back and making videos again, but then i realised how stress free i felt not having to think about youtube or what artwork i should create next that'll help increase my view count again.

    i enjoyed my time away from youtube and so i chose to stay away even longer. for my own sanity.

    but then i felt conflicted because i've worked so hard on my youtube channel for years. lots of love and time and energy went into making my videos, so i felt like i was throwing it to waste.

    so even though i still don't think i've gained the same interest or anything slightly close to it with youtube, i've decided to keep uploading.

    it won't be as frequent as my previous upload schedule. i might not even have a schedule. i want to do this for myself this time, trying not to care about the views or the subscriber count. i apologise if that seems selfish, but hopefully one day i'll love youtube again.

    thank you for staying, patiently waiting and continuously supporting me and my art. it truly overwhelms my heart and you're part of the reason why i don't want to abandon youtube. your encouragement gives me the courage to share my art on this platform.

    - - - support - - -

    website • https://www.zyrabanez.com
    patreon • https://www.patreon.com/zyr...
    society6 • http://society6.com/zyrabanez
    shop • http://zyrabanez.storenvy.com/

    For commissions, contact me at hello@zyrabanez.com

    - - - social media - - -

    facebook • http://fb.me/zyrabanez
    instagram • http://instagram.com/zyra.b...
    twitter • https://twitter.com/zyrabanez
    tumblr • http://zyrabanez.tumblr.com Show less
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    A complete mix of my illustrations/drawings using Copic markers, watercolours and mixed media.
    Feel free to watch while drawing or when gathering inspiration or to simply listen to the music or commentary.
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    This playlist contains my Q&A which answers one question in each video. Instead of creating one single Q&A video answering multiple questions, I decided to answer them separately for future reference and also to allow me to elaborate on my answers. Enjoy!

    Each video also discusses an art topic, which might hopefully help you improve your art and grow as an artist. Best of luck!
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