Introducing Fan Finder

Grow your fan base on YouTube

Strong channels are built on passionate fan bases. We want to help you find your fans. So we built Fan Finder, which finds and connects your channel to new fans, at no cost to you. Just create a channel ad, and we do the rest.

The science of matching

Show them what they're missing with channel ads

What better way to introduce yourself than through video? Once Fan Finder finds a potential fan, it shows your channel ad to them as a skippable TrueView ad, at no cost to you. Give people a chance to get to know you and fall in love with your channel.

Discover new audiences

Find new fans through our matching science

Fan Finder uses a matching science that looks at what people are already watching on YouTube to find people that might enjoy your channel. It brings you the people that will keep coming back to your channel over and over again.

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Channel ad best practices

Keep your ad short and engaging

Keep your channel ad short and engaging

Introduce the viewer to your content; don’t assume they have heard of you or your channel before. Remember, your channel ad will run as a skippable TrueView ad which the viewer can skip after 5 seconds, so get to the point.

Entertain the viewer

Entertain the viewer

Show what your channel is about, don’t tell. If you have a comedy channel, make sure your ad is funny. If you have a music channel, make sure your ad has music. Avoid any time sensitive information that could feel dated quickly. We want your ad to keep entertaining for a while.

Aim for a strong message

Aim for a strong message

Keep the ad focused on your channel and why users should subscribe or check it out. Include your call to action in the script and annotation and be sure to explain what it means to subscribe in case the viewer doesn't know (example: want to see more content? subscribe here). Make sure your branding is clear and repeat it throughout the ad so viewers remember your channel.

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