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  • The Pirate Shanty

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    I am not a pirate, but I long to be,
    Sailing by the stars across the seven seas,
    Living with no earthly cares, my mates and me—
    The envy of all worldly men, who are not free.

    A song to sing for beggars, a song to sing for saints,
    A song to sing for wealthy men all wrapped and bound in chains!
    Our treasure's not in gold, or in our piety.
    Our wealth is in an answered call, the longing of the sea!

    Stormy oceans carry us to lands we've never known,
    To mysteries and buried secrets from the tales of old.
    So hoist the sail and raise the flag, we do not stop for night.
    We'll ride the wild winds and waves until the morning's light!

    In smuggler's caves and tavern halls, we live by no man's rules.
    We fly the colors of the living, free and proud and true!
    We set out on the ocean blue to escape tyranny.
    We'll keep our merry hearts alive so long we roam the sea.

    A man once walked along the shore, and called he out to me,
    "I see you are a fisherman, a lover of the sea.
    I know this world's a wretched place, but if you'll follow me
    I'll take all of your burdens... and pirates we shall be!"

    Yo ho, yo ho!

    Hope is now before us, and misery at aft.
    We could not care the lesser for the men who say, "You're daft!"
    So let the howling winds blow in and take hold of the mast.
    Release the wheel and all your sins, for you are free at last!

    "Swab the deck, my clever lad, and listen close to me.
    Learn my ways, and soon one day a captain you shall be.
    Climb the rigging, mount the nest, and say, what can you see?"
    "A fleet upon the starboard side... in battle we shall meet!"

    "Load the cannons, raise the flag, and take hold of your heart!
    A proper man of courage does not flee before the start.
    Do not fear when death is near, when doom is night at hand.
    Your end marks the beginning of a life in fairer lands!"

    All day the battle rages, and on into the night.
    With clashing swords and pistol shots, upon the decks we fight!
    We match our wits and cannonballs with the finest of their fleet.
    Their admiral walks the plank in the shame of his defeat.

    So raise a drink to plunder, and lift a toast for spoils.
    Cheer good men - in bravery, the enemy we've foiled!
    Pour another round and we will sing a song of joy.
    When next we make our port the folk will say, "Victors—ahoy!"

    We moor upon an isle of wealthy fools and knaves
    Who drink all night and sleep all day on the labor of their slaves.
    When the sun has set, we break off all their chains
    And share with them our plunder, and now free men they are made!

    We hole up in the tavern with our new crewmen and mates.
    Soon those rich folks come a calling for their run aways!
    The barman sends them off with ale, saying, "Go, drink your sway!"
    But when the rest have gone, one aging wealthy man does stay.

    "I was once a young lad, sailing by the charts.
    I did not savor wind, nor water, nor admire the stars.
    Now I have grown old and frail, and do not journey far.
    I only long to sail the seas once more to find my heart."

    Well, come aboard and voyage long, we make for unmapped shores.
    Ride the stormy seas with us, you'll find that soul of yourn.
    Leave your wealth behind you, and your bitter scorn.
    Make your home with slaves and sinners—then you'll be reborn.

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