AquaClear 110 Review & Setup - Vs. Canister Filter?





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Published on Jan 24, 2016

https://amzn.to/2HckzDN - Aquarium filter AquaClear 110 review. It is one of my favorite filters! You can even check out all the crazy good reivews on amazon. Here is a link:

Aquaclear 110 Filter: https://amzn.to/2HckzDN

Example Topics: I'm running two hob filters, one is aqueon and other is penguin bio wheel. For some reason the aqueon makes the water look like there is tons of particles in the water but upon further inspection the particles are very small bubbles? Any way to stop that? The bio wheel one dosent do that at all?

Don't forget you will need to do water changes too! Here is my video on water changers

Setting up a brand-new 55 gallon.
Our idea is to have about 10 glass cats, and then move our variatus x10, our bristlenose pleco, the tetras x5 (probably going to get more, so about 20 total), and the betta dude from our 20 gallon to the 55. Aqadvisor says be careful with the betta picking on everyone, but he already lives with the variatus, tetras, and pleco in the 20 just fine. Should I be worried he'll pick on the glass cats since he's so docile with everyone else already?? And what else do you suggest I put in this tank? Aqadvisor says I'm at capacity, but I do regular water changes, monitor my water quality, and it will have two Aquaclear 110's on it so we were thinking of maybe putting something else in there? My husband likes the look of balas, but to his dismay the 55 is much too small. Any other suggestions?
(btw: I am super-super excited to turn my 20 into a cherry shrimp, snail, marbled crayfish, and guppy tank, woo! Would a single gourami thrive and cohab with the other fish well in this tank? Maybe two if they are already living peacefully together at the store? I have two oversized HOBs on this tank as well.)

Pictured is the 20 in its current state. LOL @ the giant hide monopolizing the tank! I put it in there to gather beneficial bacteria. It's destined for the 55. Current occupants are the bristlenose pleco, 10 variatus, 5 tetras, and a betta. And snails, I guess, though they weren't planned, haha!

I have a quite heavily stocked 20G tank (tetras, guppy juveniles, dwarf shrimp, snails, live plants), so nothing big - but around 30 of them. The HOB filter I have is old and noisy and I want to replace it. I've just "discovered" sponge filters. Would one sponge filter run with an air pump (already own that), cover it?? I'm looking at this in particular. For 5 bucks, less noise, and added air bubbles, I'm thinking this is great. But having never used one before, I'm wary about whether it will filter the tank enough.
**It's an old, stable tank and I'd add this a month before removing the HOB to give it a chance to grow.
Any experience with these would be great! Thank you.

I am SO sick of my external filters. Aqua One on the 200 litre tank ok, so today I took it apart to clean it. Fair play, it didn't work, took AGES to prime. But the Tetra EX 700? I JUST UNPLUGGED IT. And now it will not circulate or prime or whatever the hell you call it. Sick of it. my hand hurts and I am wishing for a decent internal filter.

Hey I know it sucks but try taking them apart. Sometimes it's just a small piece of something that's preventing it.
If all else fails try to get a small 400gph water circulator. They are like 15 bucks but you can diy a filter for them.
Good luck. I know it sucks:)

I recently went from an external to an internal on my 190ltr. The external decided one day to start putting into the bowl it was sat in,always sat it in a bowl just incase,glad I did now. Got a fluval internal on it and seems to be working fine.

For HOBs I like Aquaclear. I also run sponges in all my tanks. You need an airstone anyway and the sponge just kills two birds with one stone. Makes it easy to start another tank if you have a mature sponge filter.

With adequate surface agitation an air stone is completely unnecessary. That said, having a sponge filter running in your tank is excellent. They're great biomedia and you'll always have a cycled filter ready if you need to set up a tank in a hurry.


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