White People Will become minority in America (Blacks, Asian & Hispanics majority)





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Published on Dec 18, 2009

A new census report has marked a specific date when whites will no longer be the majority race in America. Tell me what you guys think about this. Hispanics, blacks and Asians are growing in population.



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Francesco Bonfiglio
No white peope in America in 2050? Outnumbered by black, latino and asian immigrants? Welcome to the Planet of the Apes: USA in 2050.
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Josue Rodriguez
Francesco Bonfiglio please so now the anglos are the superior race, haha 89% of Trump supporters are uneducated
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Mission To Mars
I'm Asian. The american is built by whites. Without white people there would be no america. The technology you are using, the gadgets and many other stuff is built by whites. So my opinion is america should be a white majority nation. White people have ruined so much world on the other hand they have contribute  much as compare to world as compare to any other race. 
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Depths Of My Soul
Mission To Mars Facts!
J OneLife
Mission To Mars all inventions in the last 700 years is from whites democracy is from whites
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Josue Rodriguez
now the racist white people are crying
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Robe Spier
subhumans smuggle into our countries, racist is the label used to demonize whites who stand for themself. vet? you're a pathetic sore loser living in a basement
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Francesco Bonfiglio
We should castrate the non-white immigrants or use vasectomy so they don't breed like animals. Like a castrated bull.
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J OneLife
Francesco Bonfiglio 70% of black women are singl mums why is that?
demetrio Del cañon
Latinos tearing that white pussies, everywhere.
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DarthVaPer612 -
You white women are the Achilles heel of your race haha. You just luv the brown dick. We R breeding whites off the earth and loving us some white booty. You whites had a good run but it's over now 
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+J OneLife what the only ones you own get nothing esau
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Dan W
Obama has let in so many immigrants
Black+Hispanic majority = 3rd world country.
James Orlando
America is fucked, it will become a third world crime ridden toilet.
Dimple Faced
Deka Red
What about the Native Americans? Any chance of them getting their country back?
J OneLife
Deka Red don't think they want to live the old way in teepees why don't you ask them....
White America's chickens are coming home to roost and there's 4 main reasons why: 1) White European Americans are on the verge of becoming a minority by either the 2020 or 2030 census going from 90% in 1960 to under 50% as soon as that happens the decline of white America will happen incredibly fast even faster than it's currently happening now. Currently more white deaths occur than births in America for past 3 years straight, while white babies born in America are already a minority and white Americans have the oldest average age profile than any other ethnic group. 2) America's army is demoralized and have a new war to deal with a suicide war, everyday 22 American soldiers kill themselves that's over 8,000 every single year which is more than the combat death during the 10+ years fighting the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which was close too 8,000 which means more US soldiers kill themselves every year than they lost in combat in over 10 years. Over 50,000 American soldiers have also killed themselves since the figures were counted in 2010 and these epidemic numbers could be even higher at 35 per day with the typical soldier being a white American male. 3) Russia is once again becoming the superpower military it once was and it also possesses the worlds largest nuclear arsenal and Putin has already been victorious over the Zionist controlled West in Georgia, Ukraine/Crimea and currently in Syria. 4) China has already taken over America as the largest economy in the world by purchasing power and it's only a matter of time until they take it over by GDP too and with the high amount of racial tension that already exists in the country and the gun laws that America has things are going to get very bad very quickly :)
Josue Rodriguez
+786Resistance869 not anymore 2050 now 2042, and probably in the next 5 years will be reduce by 2031
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