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Published on Oct 5, 2011

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while been really busy. As some of you may know I'm a mum of two beautiful girls, so they take all my time. Anyway I hope you like the story so far, I'm also meant to be sharing the story with another person but at the moment I've got a lot of things I want to happen in the story so far.

Joe walked out to his bike and got on it and rode off to the club to find Demi, when he got there it had a long line at the door with a bouncer and some bodyguards. The bouncer let Joe in and he walked in to the bar and grabbed himself a drink while he was scanning the room. Some girls came up to him and asked if he wanted to dance, he said no to them and they walked away upset. Joe then saw Demi dancing with some guy, well they were actually dirty dancing more then normal dancing. Joe walked on the dance floor and grabbed her arm and pulled her into him.
Demi: "What the Hell."
Demi was to busy dancing to realize who grabbed her arm until she looked up and saw that it was Joe. He walked out still holding her until they were in a quiet part of the club, he let go of her arm and stood in front of her waiting for her to talk.
Demi: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Joe: "I came because Vanessa is worried about you."
Demi: "Wow that's a first."
Joe: "What the hell is wrong with you."
Demi: " Well it's none of your fuckin' business."
Joe: " Look Vanessa told me you got some shocking news and I wanted to know so I can help you."
Demi: "Well you can't Joe, look you wasted your time coming here, so just go." (Tears in her eyes.)
Joe: "Really, well I'm not leaving until you come with me."
Demi: "Well you we be waiting a while."
Joe: "That's fine by me."
Demi: "Well let's just say I didn't waren you when I go off with someone else."
Joe: "Demi, stop it and let's go, you can stay at my place."
Demi: "No and just leave me alone."

Demi walked off into the club and ordered a drink from the bar, Joe was right next to her so she decided to leave the club and walked off outside down the street. Joe followed her and made sure no one touched her or grabbed her along the way.
Demi: "You must really care, if your following me."
Joe: "Wow you've catched on Demi."
Demi turned around and got closer to Joe and kissed him on the cheek.
Joe: "What was that for."
Demi: "Well at lease you care about me."
Joe: "What are you trying to say."
Demi: "Seriously do you even know why I live with my cousin."
Joe: "No, why."
Demi: "You really want to know Joe."
Joe: "Yea, I do actually."
Demi: "Ok, well my dad left and my mum died."
Joe: "I'm sorry, why did your father leave."

They decided to keep walking and talking about what happened to Demi's parents.
Demi: "Well I don't really know, he left before my mum died."
Joe: "Oh and how did your mother die."
Demi: "She was sick, I think I can't remember."
Joe: "I'm sorry."
Demi: "It's fine."

They got to the park and sat down on a bench and kept talking and getting to know each other.
Joe: "I should call Vanessa and tell her your with me."
Demi: "Fine."
Joe got up and called Vanessa and told her that Demi was with him and that she was ok, Vanessa was fine with that and called Shailene and told her. So she wouldn't worry about where Demi was, Joe got off the phone and walked back over to the bench and sat down next to Demi.
Demi: "So what did she say."
Joe: "She's ok that your fine and with me."
Demi: "Oh ok."
Demi moved closer to Joe because she was getting cold with only her short shorts, white singlet top and boots. Joe noticed and took his jacket off and put it around her, Demi looked up at him and smiled, Joe smiled back and was about to kiss her when she quickly moved away from him.

Joe: "What's wrong."
Demi: "I'm sorry, I can't do this."
Joe: "Do what Demz."
Demi: "This you and me."
Joe: "Wow and we haven't even gotten together and already your ending it before anything starts."
Demi: "Look Joe, you have only broken up with Ashley and you what want to start something with me."
Joe: "Well the only reason I broke up with her was because I like you more then her." Demi: "Well I only like you as a friend right now."
Joe: "That's fine, I'm happy to wait Demz."
Demi: "Well you will be waiting a while then."
Joe: "Yep and I get that."
Demi: "Oh god I'm going to be sick."

Demi leaned over to the side of her and throw up the vodka and whatever else she was drinking. After she finished being sick, she tried to sit up, but fell on the ground near where she was sick. Joe helped her up and they walked back passed the club to where Joe parked his bike.

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