1. Appeals Court Sends Prayer Death Case to State Supreme Court

  2. 40-month prison term for pastor who bilked parishioners

  3. Atheist student wins scholarship for dressing like Jesus for Fictional Character Day

  4. ETX Nativity scene approved for 2012, atheist banner still pending

  5. Torrance Co. leaders debate enforcing separation of church and state

  6. Atheist group demands Woonsocket to remove Christian Spam from Memorial

  7. Henderson County delays ruling on atheist sign display

  8. Paedophile priest flees to Ireland

  9. Church offering drive-thru spell-casting service

  10. FFRF writes second letter to Marshall County schools

  11. Christian school fourth-graders were pen pals with convicted molester

  12. Threatening note to atheist student Jessica Ahlquist, appears online

  13. New Christian Easter Ritual: Chalk with Jesus

  14. Pastor, 2 Men Arrested After Allegedly Torturing,Forcing 13-Year-Old to Dig His Own Grave

  15. Jesus spotted on church chapel pillar

  16. A call for Kansas atheists to "come out"

  17. Atheist Billboard Sends Message To Drivers In Nashville

  18. Pastor charged in lottery scam

  19. Minister Steps Down, Says She's An Atheist

  20. Christian Hypocrites in Loudon Co. rally behind trampling on the Constitution and minorities

  21. Lawmaker Wants 'Oklahoma In God We Trust' As State Motto

  22. Movie Theater Rejects Atheist Ads

  23. Atheists sue Pennsylvania for declaring 2012 'Year of the Bible'

  24. Atheist Ads Target Families, Children

  25. Pastor charged with raping 10-year-old girl ‎more than 20 times

  26. Atheist rally billed as 'coming out' moment for nonbelievers

  27. 'Holy Ghost' Religious leader charged with raping teen

  28. Fox news: Holy potato chip comforts family

  29. Christian Family Strips Naked In Front Of High School

  30. Nuns outraged as massive 'Porno Palace' opens next to convent

  31. Woman says photo shows Jesus image in her TV‎

  32. Wiccan Mom Fighting for Her Kids

  33. How to do nothing and still think you're helping

  34. Religion of Peace News - "Emo" and gay kids targeted, killed in Iraq

  35. Vatican-certified exorcist fights levitating,mouth-foaming and eye-rolling demons

  36. Paedophile Priest Jailed For Abuse Of Boys

  37. Suspended sentence for pastor in sex abuse case

  38. Inked for Jesus

  39. God fails in protecting Vatican website(s)

  40. Catholic church had caged human heart nailed to the wall

  41. Christian Religious Idols could soon be in all public government buildings‎

  42. ACLU, Cranston Agree On Prayer Banner Legal Fees

  43. Kindoki: The Rise of Witchcraft

  44. Atheist billboard with biblical message sparks outrage

  45. Circumcision Ritual Blamed For 2-Week-Old Boy's Death

  46. New Atheist Billboard: God Is a Myth

  47. Rowan Board Prays To Jesus Despite Lawsuit Threat

  48. Atheists target Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods

  49. Old and busted, pray for rain; "New" delusion, pray the tornado away

  50. Atheist groups plan billboard to protest 'Year of the Bible' resolution

  51. Ten Commandments could soon be in schools and government buildings

  52. Atheist Group Denied COLTS Advertising

  53. Minister accused of abusing son for hours

  54. Man finds Jesus on a Tortilla

  55. Should prayer be part of Town Meeting Day?

  56. Judge's dismissal of atheist's harassment claim against Muslim makes waves

  57. Church promises cancer cure

  58. Pastor Gets Life for Murder of North High Staffer

  59. Huntsville City Council begins meeting with prayer, despite request to stop

  60. ACLU wants prayer banner removed ASAP

  61. Biblical Parenting book methods amount to child abuse

  62. Judge rules against atheist attacked in costume

  63. Pastor arrested for four counts of raping a minor

  64. Rowan Co.Christians have no respect for the Constitution, America or minorities

  65. Scientology leader claims kidnapping, torture

  66. Jessica Ahlquist getting scholarship from Atheist group

  67. East Texas group favors end to church-state separation

  68. Locals Find Jesus, Mary in Unlikely Places

  69. Christian alleged majority want to trample on the Constitution and minorities.. for Je$u$

  70. Faith-healing Couple Plead Not Guilty in Connection with Son's Death

  71. Jane Doe reveals her identity in Pittsylvania County prayer battle

  72. Acton family: Remove 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

  73. Magic rituals/prayers at government meetings

  74. Malaysia deports Saudi blogger wanted for Prophet Mohammad tweets

  75. Faith-healing couple charged in son's death ‎

  76. Army won't allow 'Humanist' on dog tags

  77. Prayer Banner to be covered with wood, pending appeal ‎

  78. Pittsylvania witch-hunt

  79. Atheist Billboard Headed to Dallas

  80. Wacky Christians pray against casino

  81. Atheist Billboard Targets African Americans

  82. Lesbian Virgin Mary riles catholics

  83. Florida Senate passes school prayer bil

  84. FFRF Files Suit to Remove Jesus Statue

  85. USA 2012: Indiana Senate backs teaching creationism proposal ‎

  86. State House declares 2012 "Year of the Bible"

  87. Jackson County School Board Sides with "Bible Man"

  88. Utah highway crosses to be removed, placed on private land

  89. Minn. Atheists Promote Message With Babies on Billboards

  90. Manhunt ends for fugitive pastor

  91. Ind. Senate Panel OKs Creationism Teaching Bill

  92. Imprisoned cult leader Warren Jeffs spends thousands on ads ‎

  93. Alaska Airlines retiring prayer cards from meal trays‎

  94. Prayer banner fight turns "ugly"

  95. Texas explorer believes his team has discovered Noah's Ark

  96. Pastor gets year's jail in boy sex case‎

  97. Pastor facing charges over death of neighbor's cat

  98. State Lawmaker Wants Public Schools to Offer Elective Bible Class

  99. Billboard: God Is An Imaginary Friend