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Uploaded on Feb 2, 2011

1. Abraham never tithed on his own personal property or livestock.

2. Jacob wouldn't tithe until YHWH blessed him first.

3. Only Levite priests could collect tithes, and there are no Levite priests today.

4. Only food products from the land were tithable.

5. Money was never a tithable commodity.

6. Believing converts were never asked to tithe anything to the Ekklesia.

7. Tithing in the Ekklesia first appears centuries after completion of the scriptures.

8. The tithe comes from the "land," not the air or the sea. Fishermen were not required to tithe fish.

9. It was the "seed" or agricultural products from the fields that was kodesh to YHWH and tithable.

10. Products from "trees" were to be tithed. This not only included the fruit, but oils, etc.

11. Of "herds or flocks" it was the "tenth" that passed under the rod that was holy and dedicated to YHWH.

Here is exposed another lie of modern clergymen. It was not the first tenth, but rather the tenth tenth that belonged to YHWH, contrary to every minister I have ever heard, who insists that the first tenth always belongs to YHWH. Unscriptural. Untrue. Read your scriptures--it's the tenth one of a herd that belongs to YHWH.

Another interesting point is this. If a herdsman had but nine cattle, he didn't tithe his cattle at all! Also notice that YHWH did not even require the best of the cattle, just the tenth one to pass under the rod even if it was the runtiest of them all. Remember, we are talking about tithing and not sacrificing (animals for sacrifice always had to be without blemish).

Did you notice that this summary at the very end of the book of Leviticus does not mention the tithing of money? Interesting. But just maybe we will find the tithing of money in some other Scripture?

A warning to all charlatans and would-be tithe extractors and collectors: There is NO temple of YHWH being officiated in Jerusalem today. There is NO Levitic priesthood to officiate at such a temple. There is NO NEED for such a temple or priesthood at this time. Only Levites could collect tithes at the temple. Therefore, EVERYONE collecting tithes today is a charlatan and a fake. If one cannot historically trace back his genealogy generation by generation with no lapses to the family of Aaron, he IS NOT and CANNOT be a priest authorized of YHWH at this time to collect tithes for the temple services and sacrifices.

The above is from http://bible-truths.com/tithing.html

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