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Publicado em 11 de nov de 2006

One of the most beautiful, most poignant gay songs ever written. Recorded in 1974, his album "Caravan Tonight" was the first openly gay album to be released on a major label. "Out" has long been one of my favourite songs, and is one that should be heard by every gay man.

With only a couple of pictures of Steven, I managed to put this together on Windows Movie Maker. It took me about 2 hours, but I'm pleased with the result. If nothing else, I hope that posting this on youtube will help bring about the recognition that Steven so truly deserves. Sadly he is no longer with us. He died of AIDS in 1991 but leaves behind this wonderful legacy.

Mama, dear Mama, I've something important to say
Yes I know you didn't plan on me turning out this way
Well you didn't fail me Mama and I don't love you any less
'Cause for me it's just a matter of what suits me best
Well, you know it's hard for you to take, and it's nothing you would brag
When your first born turns out to be a (fag)

Papa, oh Papa, did I spoil your dreams
I know you wanted to see me marching in the Marines
Well that won't prove my manhood, as it didn't prove yours
'Cause I went and talked to that landlord while you stood behind the door
Well, I hear you calling me crazy, but I think it's out of fear
'Cause you're not so sure that you aren't (queer)

Brother, little brother, tell me what you gonna do
If everything that has happened to me someday happens to you
Will you try to grin and bear it?, Will you hate yourself inside?
Or will you walk with me in the sunshine 'cause you've really nothing to hide
'Cause there are all kinds of people who happen to feel this way
And there's really nothing wrong with being (gay) the way that you want to, yeah
Nothing wrong with being, you know it's OK
Nothing wrong with being gay


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