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Published on Aug 23, 2012

Episode 2

Cuddles and Concerts

[Sonic Boom] 2:00 p.m.

Ally: -Ring ring- -Picks up- Uhh, Hello?

Austin: Hey Ally!

Ally: Austin! Hey, what's up?

Austin: Just calling to say I'm dropping by the Sonic Boom. Hows that sound?

Ally: Haha, no problem. You're welcome here anytime.

Austin: Can Dez come with?

Ally: Yeah sure! I'll call Trish also.

Austin: Alright, can't wait. Later Ally! -Click-

[Sonic Boom] 2:30 p.m.

Ally: Austin! Hey -Runs for a hug-

Austin: Hey Ally -Accepts hug-

Trish: Ugh...

Dez: I know right.

Austin: So I was wondering Ally... if you'd like to come with me to the Annual Mall Concert tonight? And if you'd like to be my partner? Like, you write songs and I sing them? I heard you singing and you're good.

Ally: Haha.. sure for the Mall Concert. How do you know I can't sing my own songs?

Austin: Do you want to?

Ally: Nonono! I have stage fright! I'll be your partner.

Austin: Great. And I need to tell you something.

Dez: Who wants toast? Dez wants toast!

Trish: ... What?

Ally: Um, okay. Let's just go to the practice room.

Austin: Listen, Ally. I like you. Okay. Ever since our first date, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. And I want you to be my only one, my other half my--

Ally: Girlfriend?

Austin: Took the words right out of my mouth. What do you say? I'll make you the happiest girl in the world!

Ally: Thanks Austin. I guess I should get back to work. -Blushes-

Austin: Hehheh later!

[Sonic Boom 4:00 p.m.]

Ally: Dez! Trish! Why is toast everywhere?

Trish: I was trying to make toast with Dez, and... then boom the toaster exploded.

Dez: Sorry, I shouldn't have put it with my bag of water.

Ally: ... Dez.

Austin: -GASPS- Free Toast!

Ally: I think you guys should leave, I have lots of customers!

Austin: Alright! Later Ally!

Ally: Hehe. Later Austin.

Dallas: Hey Ally!

Ally: Oh hey, Dallas.

Dallas: Well, I was wondering if you'd go to the Mall Concert with me?

Ally: Sorry, I'm going with Austin.

Dallas: -Eye twitch- Austin?!

Ally: Yeah.

Dallas: I thought you liked me?

Ally: It's called moving on, Dallas. I've dropped obvious hints and you didn't pick them up.

Dallas: ... I understand. See you at the Mall Concert then.

Ally: Later Dallas.

[Mall Concert] 7:00 p.m.

Ally: Hey Guys!

Austin, Dez, Trish: Hey!

Austin: Hey Ally! -Hugs and kisses on cheek-

Ally: Hey, Austin! -smiles-

Trish: First acts up!

-Finished act-

Dallas: Austin. I want to talk to you.

Austin: Sure. -Kisses Ally on the cheek before he leaves.-

Ally: Hehe

Dallas: -Grits Teeth-

Austin: What's up?

Dallas: Listen, I like Ally. Back off.

Austin: Well, she's my girlfriend. So back off.

Dallas: -Shoves Austin-

Austin: -Shoves Back-

Dallas: Oh, you wanna fight? -Tackles-

Austin: Unghh.. -Fights Back and wins-

Ally: Austin? Dallas? are you alright? -Helps them up-

Ally: Bruises... Austin what happened?

Austin: Dallas attacked me, I was trying to defend myself.

Dallas: -Holds Ally's hand- I like you Ally.

Ally: -Pulls away- I like Austin. -Holds Austin-

Dallas: Fine, I'll be back though.

Ally: Gosh, Austin. Are you okay?

Austin: Yes, I'm sorry.

Ally: For what?

Austin: For fighting him, that wasn't mature. -Austin tries to move- ouch!

Ally: Don't be sorry, you were trying to defend yourself.

Trish and Dez: Oh my god what happened?

Ally: Dallas attacked him.

Trish: I knew Dallas was no good.

Dez: Well, at least Austin's alright.

Austin: Ouch, I don't think I can make it home.

Ally: My house is close to the Mall. You can rest at my house.

Austin: Thanks Ally -Kisses cheek-

Ally: Anything, for you.

Trish: This is bad, we booked a gig for Austin tomorrow.

Dez: Well, this is bad.

Trish: Ya think?

Ally: Here, I'll take you to my house.

[Ally's House] 8:00 pm

Ally: Dad, Austin's staying at my house!

Lester: Alright, but our extra room is being cleaned. Do you mind if he stays with you?

Ally: Sure.

[Ally's Room] 8:15 pm

Ally: Austin, we could take you home now.

Austin: It's alright, I just wanted to stay with you.

Ally: Aww, how sweet. -Leans in for kiss on the lips-

Austin: -Kisses-

Ally: Well, umm. Do you need to shower? Bathroom is in there.

Austin: Alright thanks!

Ally: I'll set up some clothes. I'm glad you're staying over, I usually get lonely. Ever since my sister went on tour.

Austin: Who's your sister?

Ally: Alexis Dawson.

Austin: Ohh, I've heard of her.

Ally: Well, you better shower while it's still early.

Austin: Thanks, -Kisses on lips-

Ally: -Blushes-

Austin: I'm finished showering, your turn.

Ally: Thanks, get some sleep. Love you. Take the bed, I'll be there soon.

-Ally joins Austin in the bed-

Austin: Thanks, for everything.

Ally: Hush. Let's not talk, let's just enjoy each other's warmth.


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