"Grim Reaper" Dark Eerie Underground Harpsichord Choir Beat





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Published on Dec 18, 2010

"Grim Reaper" produced by Dansonn on Fl Studios 8. Dark horror eerie harpsichord underground beat instrumental with choir to create an ambient full sound. Thanks for watching~Buy this beat on http://www.soundclick.com/vanguardpro...

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Randel Jones
I'll fill your heart i'll fill your head. You cant run from the taker of the dead.  Close your eyes, prepare for death, now feel my scythe rape your flesh.  Don't ask why, dont play dumb. Youve known your whole life that this day would come. Well HERE IT IS! Take your crown! Bathe in blood, ill watch you drown.  Ive watched you live, and its been fun. But come now child, your time is done.
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Nick R
Don't u dare fuck with the grim reaper. Ull be in shit that couldn't be deeper. Hes a demonic dreamer. Soul eater especially when the victim is a sleeper. So u best be wise cuz when he grabs his syth hell cut u down to size then he'll take more then ur life. Ur children ur soul and ur wife. So u best think twice next time u roll Satan's dice. Cuz ur soul is the price. No one said the devil was nice.now ur in hell being used for some dinner spice. And look death in the eyes. He pokes you then you die. Hes at ur funeral watching ur family cry. Laughin silently at ur demise. He has no conscience heart or mind. He laughs at RL STINE cuz he is literally death him self till the end of time.
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HeyLook__ Blood
V1} Check this I'm a illuminatic fanatic with skeletons in the attic I spit hectic, born with anunaki genetics punchlines that melt brain cells like huffing fanatics   truly poetic cant hang with zettic my mind's wreaking havoc thoughts causing static Charismatic with automatics   I might be psychotic This is just my logic lyrically hypnotic Dark and chaotic it's practically a narcotic I'm exotic so ripped they feedin me antibiotics I spew a comet of verbal vomit Sacreligious, of Christ or Islamic attack it and dwell in  dark places like crack addicts on crystal cases Stuck with bad habits  on a day to day basis i like talking Broken bones and bloody gashes, cut-open' guts and blood soaked mattresses id like to murder everyone of these hip-hop actresses   {Hook} {killing demonic entities// with chronic and  Hennessy In the pit with these enemies They always hide their true identities times we find fog before clarity} V2} I could be silent but I'm so damn impulsive and violent This ain't subliminal I'll rip out your vocal cord my lyrics are cynical like a blade to your ventricles attention captivated  truly underrated here's my reward I'm hated for leaving fake MC's mentally decapitated spiritually lacerated lyrically assassinated.  I'll liquefy ya insides like Ebola virus devoted to the rhyming that resides inside us , We never hide this, unique rhyme style is righteous a Twisted yet methodical mind with a sadistic demon came into the picture I don't need a reason Poisonous vial with a sinister mixture gin and tonic, alcoholic  body smells like vomit Atomic, Demonic a mix of hydroponic I will remain toxic Some call me a psychotic leave me the mic, because I like to speak freely {Hook} [killing demonic entities// with chronic and the Hennessy In the pit with these enemies They just  hide their true identity times we find fog before clarity] V3} My lyrics hittin' hard enough to rupture the earth Youre a failure, you shoulda just said "fuck it" at birth Had the doctors kill you, tell ya mother she squirt he has a ego to make up for the fact that he's talentless I'mma slow it down, amidst all the violence Everything I'm saying; you admit that it's righteous oh you Been movin crowds, and stadiums with "original" titles This Boy " and "cranium" i'm so  Sarcastic But you'll make a classic, it'll be fantastic Fuck this bitch I'll Melt your body parts in a tub full of sulfuric acid make it all mysterious and then I unmask it I manufacture maniac rap if you askin' Execute your ego, Then throw it in the casket I'ma shake him, break him, he can't hack it I'm worse than the mentally ill More horror than 'Amityville' We're ready for you an' dressed to kill Thinkin' we won't? God-damnit we will   {Hook} [killing demonic entities// with chronic and the Hennessy In the pit with these enemies They just  hide their true identity times we find fog before clarity}
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᙭ᗪEᗩTᕼᗯIᑎG ᗷᒪᑌᖇᖇYᒪOᖇᗪ᙭
^_^ Dark yet dope. Yet that's what i'am.
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One thing in life is guaranteed Those eyes will shut and death proceeds No one escapes no one can flee You're gone for all enternity So count each breath And count each each day Cuz your final step You have no say Hug your mom, go out and play Because your body will some day decay :)
Spencer Tauteoli
I'm coming at you but not from god, Just me and myself the murdering squad, An unstoppable team that cannot be beat, Bringing death to the flesh and the bones that I eat. Everyday niggas be prayin, but their sinnin souls I'll be slaying,  And havin their families watch as their body is decaying, these hits is what I'm layin, death is so amazin, now adapt to the mutha fuckin evil that im raisin.  As you die you start to see death, Its me bitch takin you from your last breath, Im the fuckin grim greeper takin whos next, but never the less, Im puttin god and satan to the test by stealin lost souls and puttin their bodies down to rest in the mutha fuckin death nest.  You think you know me cause the stories thatve been told,  but you dont really know me till you die and your soul feels hells cold. MUTHAFUCKIN REEPER
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Cleo babies
OK I am completely full to the brim , tonight I'll have you greeting the grim, as your chances are extremely thin, to none, striking fear into one's heart like a circling great white sharks fin, born to endulge in sin and the hands of time let the night begin, not. me but him, that's the nigga said he'd be wearing your skin , carrying couple of these forty fours like a couple of whores and I'm ready for battle just on a whim and now this flame is flickering into a very low dim, threading the needle and the pin with an extremely evil grin and it's my main mission to never ever run outta ammunition busting missions to achieve whatever is within my vision getting money like I'm about to pay for someone's tuition murder ya like I'm bout to do life in state prison they pressing me hurry up and make a final decision but this collision has altered my decision with such precision with that glock I'm like a surgeon , knocking back on these shots of bourbon when ya see me in the hood and I'm swervin and them swishas are burnin
Day come wake up to no torment I pray then my spine twist and my thoughts place themselves on a screen by invisible law not my decision to be part Day come shattered glass when I say somethin dry eyes swell with blood as my brain numbs all for one all for nothing being prepped for obedience for a white wizard stood up in the hail in a blizzards with my team to move to a place where you know it all because you can lie and stay in place for three weeks son Don't believe in everything you hear like clouds cthulu blonde sights and lizards Fighting those with no restraints thinking thier invincible not.Fighting those with undisciplined thoughts Being beaten with proof on a gps map Heated inside with every screen that they tap Heaven never left when I relocate to place with more churches and get mentally trapped again and again until they get their fill of training a monkey to clap
freddy krueger
I know you know who I am, so sit back and just relax, cause in the end , there's only death, but relax my friend, cause we only begun, to see what lye's within, your very soul and all its pain, but let me tell you a little thing, about a nightmare, that you never dreamed, it's called your fear.
Imperial BlooD
You miss a lot of things in childhood. Parental abuse, suicide cliff. We just look past it as always Like there's nothing at all wrong with it. We all do that at early stages. Until you reach a certain age, and gain some understanding. When we learn of this we tend to, Try to fix the situation, But as we attempt to do this, We cause others to display signs of anger, Then you think maybe overthinking? Others get just as mad to show that they can be just as bad, So  I assume we've all been there before? Haven't we? And how much sin is that accounted for? Its hard to  count ya see? There are early stages of life, Where you'll already need a daily guide, You need to learn to be thankful, And to learn to be easily satisfied. For this means that you are grateful, And therefore a heavenly child. And a life satisfying to God you lived, And peace is your destination.
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