I still think it is a pyramid scheme...(Pyramid Scheme Cartoon by Pat Petrini)





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Published on Dec 8, 2010


About Pat Petrini:

Out of high school, Pat began working with an international direct-sales company. He quickly rose through the ranks breaking numerous sales records and eventually became the top producer in the company out of tens of thousands of other reps.

From there, Pat partnered with a leading network marketing company and became the youngest ranking leader to build an organization of thousands of people around the world generating millions of dollars in annual product sales.

Pat has been selected as one of the "Top Mentors" in the direct-selling industry by a leading industry publication, he has spoken internationally to crowds of thousands and he has consulted with many network marketing companies on compensation plan design, duplication model development and field development strategies.

Pat is the co-author of what has now become a #1 Best-Selling book, The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers. To download two free chapters, go here: http://goo.gl/zjYeVl

For more information on Pat and the projects he is currently involved with, please visit http://www.PatPetrini.com.

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This video sounds like a pyramid scheme :/
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Jonathan Lee
who moved my cheese?
Open any business 101 textbook, and you will know more about how business really works, and the business life cycle, than anyone who works for a MLM.
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brad comrant
This is great, honestly this is the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time
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CreamOf Weber
No it's not irrelevant.
Rod Faircloth
+Cheryl Savoie considering this was made in 2010, its irrelevant.
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Michelle Mourani
You know, it's really interesting how many comments there are about a "tiny number of people" who actually make good money in network marketing companies. In the company I'm with there are almost 1,100 people earning more than $50k per MONTH. I worked with Microsoft, a company with over 100,000 employees, for over a decade and there are nowhere near that number of people making anywhere close to that kind of money.  The thing with network marketing is ... there is nowhere to hide. You either do it, or you don't. If you do your research and find a good company with a solid portfolio of products and innovation that you can get excited about and put in the effort, you can make great things happen. You only get "screwed" if you:      a) select the wrong company (which, granted there have been over 60,000 MLM-type companies so do your homework!)      b) don't follow the system put in place by the good ones or      c) don't do the work  Legitimate companies offer regular people the opportunity to have their own business and businesses require work. You don't just sign up as a distributor and the money starts flowing in. These are not a get rich quick schemes.  So for those of you who are searching or open. Do your homework!! Look for products or services in an area that inspires you and then find the best company out there. Many of the top companies require very little IF ANY inventory, you simply need to use the products you've decided to promote. Interview people in various companies. Learn how the top people do it. I can assure you, the top people don't "pester" anyone! Be smart about it.  This business model is definitely not right for everyone. And that's a good thing!!  But if you do decide to go for it then do it as though YOU were the one investing millions in research and development. Approach it as you would and should approach any other business - with passion, integrity and a desire to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. 
Chris Gordon
Bravo! Excellent thoughts.
This video is shit. Pyramid Scheme obviously sounds negative, so they call it Multi-Level Marketing. Oh no that person isn't a PROSTITUTE, she's an ESCORT!!! Sounds better. Donald Trump supports MLM... so fucking what. Scientology is a real RELIGION! Tom Cruise and John Travolta support it! WOOHOO. They're major stars! ACN presents themselves as MLM, but you must pay $500 to join their cult, and the whole emphasis is on recruiting more people for $500 for your own downline... Recruit Recruit Recruit... the "essential shit services" is a cover-up.. Oldest trick in the book...
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Bill Frank
your an idiot
Toms Friend Kake
kiyonexus I have waaaaaaay more respect for prostitutes then MLM'ers.
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This is hilarious.
Pat Petrini
+TRUUE00 Thanks! :)
It's not a pyramid scheme, it's a TRIANGLE OF OPPORTUNITY, GAWD!!!
Jennifer Suydam
Ethan Vanderbuilt
Pyramid schemes—also referred to as franchise fraud or chain referral schemes—are marketing and investment frauds in which an individual is offered a distributorship or franchise to market a particular product. The real profit is earned, not by the sale of the product, but by the sale of new distributorships. Emphasis on selling franchises rather than the product eventually leads to a point where the supply of potential investors is exhausted and the pyramid collapses. At the heart of each pyramid scheme is typically a representation that new participants can recoup their original investments by inducing two or more prospects to make the same investment. Promoters fail to tell prospective participants that this is mathematically impossible for everyone to do, since some participants drop out, while others recoup their original investments and then drop out.
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Jose Torres
Don't you earn commissions from affiliate products? 👨🏻‍💻
Daniel Stiehl
Your an idiot, a PONZI scheme is taking an investors money and instead of investing it, you give it to other investors disguised as a return on investment. The PONZI or MLM are similar only in the fact that the number of investors or "distributors" are limited and the PONZI scheme or "pyramid" will always fail.
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Omar Elliott
Everything is a pyramid. A job pyramid, it's only a few at the top making millions usually the CEO and his team!! The employees at the bottom are usually average or poor. A network marketing pyramid is more fair everyone has a shot at becoming a millionaire. Don't ask family and friends they will be the least supportive. They have an employee mindset. They work for money they don't have money work for them. Most of them don't even know what residual income is. Network marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry.. That's a fact!! Some people are so brainwashed that they mistake legit network marketing opportunities as being a scam. They were not trained to recognize opportunity but trained to work for those who did!!
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KP From Charlotte Hi KP, if you're still looking for an opportunity I would love to share an awesome one with you! If you're interested, please email me at lync67@gmail.com. Otherwise, I wish you the best in your endeavors!
KP From Charlotte
Not to be negative, but every time I try to say positive things about network marketing, I get trolled down. I can tell it's going to take over because there are always people...millions of people with different emotions and opinions. Sitting at a set cubical with set salary is NOT going to make one ANY money. People don't see that. I am looking for an opportunity. I have opened my mind. Honestly, $500 ain't @@@ when investing in a possible financial future. I remember getting an extra gov. check for 6 months from the military. It was a taste of what network marketing can offer cause it was in ADDITION to my paycheck. It felt GREAT!! Yet I want to fish not be a employee beggar! With all of this internet, it would be foolish not to join one and at least try. Like the words of the great legend Robert Dean Jr. "If I fail at this I would still be right here working at this job with ya'll. So what's the problem?"
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Robert Caltabiano
If you hounded friends & family to join your business you are doing it all wrong. No wonder you failed. You invite once & move on to the next person. It is not about hounding & begging just to get your initial Investment back. It's about educating something of value. Some will buy some won't. 
TheySeeMeTrollin TheyCantWin
Why do people insist that mlm is a scheme? If you work a Job the same structure applies. The CEO gets rich off the labor of the employees, who have no chance of becoming a CEO,but people would rather be broke at a dead end job, than put time and effort into a business. It baffles me! The argument that people don't succeed at mlm is true, but the same also true in any profession. there will be some that win and some that lose, but to bash mlm because of your own inferiorities is really ignorant in my opinion! 
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Anthony Cross
I know others that have. I have researched countless opportunities in mlm but never decided to go forward. I don't think all mlm is bad, because I have seen some good opportunities out there. But the ones that focus on the reps more than customers are a red flag because the reps are usually the customers. I have tried online business also but not what "Mlm'ers" refer to as online business. I would buy items from yard sales and other places and auction them off for profit on Amazon.
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