Mindless Behavior Missing You Love Story Season 2 Ep. 21





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Published on Apr 8, 2012

Ray Ray-(paranoid; jumps up) Who's that?
Lisa-(laughs; yells through house) I don't know why you're coming home when I called you a thousand times last night wondering where you were!
Joseph-Sorry! My phone's dead.
Lisa-You better hope you're not lying, let me see!
Joseph-(walks in kitchen) Ooo! Pizzaaa!
Lisa-(shakes head) Not for you, if you were home you could have got some.
Joseph-(sucks teeth; hands her his phone)
Lisa-(tries to turn it on; won't come on) You're lucky!
Joseph-Mhm (goes into living room) Wassup everybody!
Ray Ray & Roc-Hey!
Alexis and Mckaylee-'Sup?!
Josiah and Gabriel-Hi
Joseph-(quiet) Princeton...
Princeton-(no response)
Joseph-(looks weird; goes upstairs)
Maya-(brings Princeton's pizza and goes back into kitchen) So, has he just been ignoring you overall lately or giving you smart a** responses?
Lisa-(sighs) Some of both (shakes head) I just don't know and I can't confront him about it.
Maya-Because the stress makes him have the seizures.
Lisa-(nods) Exactly, should I ask the doctor about it? Maybe it comes with the condition, ya think?
Maya-(sighs) We can only hope.
Maya-(sits down beside Princeton; eats her pizza)
Lisa-Who could THAT be? (gets up and opens door; looks awkwardly) May I help you?
Jasonte-I'm looking for Maya.
Maya-(bug eyed in the living room)
Princeton-(looks at Maya) Recognize the voice?
Maya-Kind of?
Princeton-(gets up; stands beside Lisa) Who are you?
Jasonte-Jasonte...her older brother.
Maya-(gasps; runs to door; hugs her brother; starts crying)
Jasonte-(hugs her back; cries too)
Princeton-(a bit pissed; goes upstairs)
Lisa-Come in, come in.
Jasonte-(wipes face; steps in)
Maya-(wipes her tears) I missed you!
Jasonte-I missed you too. (smiles) Glad I found you, I've been looking for you for about a year now.
Maya-(mouth open) I thought that you gave up on me for giving up on mom.
Jasonte-(shakes head) I gave up on mom about the same time you did.
Maya-(goes and sits in dining room)
Jasonte-(follows and sits; looks at Maya; smiles)
Maya-Gosh...can't believe she passed, it wasn't unexpected though.
Maya-Did you go to her funeral?
Maya-I couldn't bare the pain, so of course I didn't go.
Jasonte-(nods) I understand, I almost didn't go.
Maya-(sniffs) So, how are you?
Jasonte-Good! I've been clean for 16 months now, no alcohol and no marijuana.
Maya-(mouth open) You told me you'd do it someday.
Jasonte-I sure did, didn't I? (smiles) Gosh...how have YOU been?
Maya-(gets a tiny bit quiet) Good, that was my boyfriend of two years that asked who you were.
Jasonte-Oh, really?
Maya-(nods) I...uh...had twins, almost three years ago now.
Maya-Yes sir! They're in the living room.
Jasonte-(shaking head) If you're happy. (shaking head some more)
Maya-Want to meet them?
Jasonte-Sure? You sure they'll be ok around me? I mean, I'm kind of intimidating being 6'3" and all...
Maya-(laughs) They should be fine, stay here, or you can come and meet my friends. It doesn't matter.
Jasonte-I'll follow you.

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