20,000 Volt Nerf Guns, US-Built Flying Saucers, and Sprint's Acquisition!





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Published on Oct 12, 2012

Welcome to downLOADED! Each week, journalists, CEOs, media stars and other luminaries from the Bay Area tech scene, and beyond, will sit down at a roundtable and dissect the week's digital, technical and social news in a live format. Hosted by tech journalist, and Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback.

Today's stories:
US Air Force's 1950s supersonic flying saucer declassified:

'iPad mini' likely to be Wi-Fi-only -- but revised 9.7in model will offer UK 4G:

Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on U.S.:

DIY hacker builds 20,000-volt Tesla coil lightning-blasting Nerf gun (Wired UK):

Slingbox 350 and 500 review/Boxee TV Leaked:

Oh God, Bravo's Silicon Valley Show Looks Even Worse Than We Thought:

Softbank in Advanced Talks to Acquire Sprint Nextel:

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  1. 1

    Will Valve Revolutionize Video Gaming? Why Is Science Afraid of User Comments?

  2. 2

    Can Twitter Save TV? Google's New Quest To Solve Mortality. Will Brazil Balkanize The Internet?

  3. 3

    Will iPhone 5s Beat Samsung? Twitter Files For IPO. Intel's New CPUs.

  4. 4

    VR Headset Coming To PS4? Best of Pax Prime 2013. Yahoo's New Logo Fail? The Rise of Smart Watches

  5. 5

    3D Finally Dead? Would You Buy A Google Car? Ballmer Is Out. TV In A Golden Age? NYT Hacked.

  6. 6

    Zuckerberg's Wall Hacked. Facebook Wants Internet For All. Maker Studios Buys Blip. NSA TKOs Groklaw

  7. 7

    Cable Channels Coming To PS4? Elon Musk's Hyperloop FAIL. Hacking Pacemakers. The End Of Bitcoin

  8. 8

    CBS Vs. Time Warner. Bezos Buys Washington Post. Eyeball Licking Hoax. Obama Overturns Apple Ban.

  9. 9

    Patent Office Crushes Apple. 3D Printing At UPS Stores. First Look At Google's Moto X.

  10. 10

    Is YouTube's Business Model Broken?

  11. 11

    Google Glass Hacked. Microsoft Can't Give Away Surface RTs. Drone Hunting Season Is Now Open.

  12. 12

    Is Steve Ballmer Killing Microsoft? Def Con Says Feds Not Welcome. Apple Guilty Of Price Fixing?

  13. 13

    Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 vs. Wii U

  14. 14

    Is Ouya a "Success"? Does Windows 8.1 Fix Anything? Why MySpace is Cool Again.

  15. 15

    Xbox 180: Was Microsoft Wrong On Used Games? Verizon Throttles Netflix. Google's Internet Balloons.

  16. 16

    PS4 Wins E3 2013. Apple iOS 7 vs OS X Mavericks. Pandora Buys Radio Station Gets Sued.

  17. 17

    Obama Hates Privacy: Is He Bush 2.0?

  18. 18

    Will Netflix Hurt "Arrested Development"?

  19. 19

    Why Xbox One Won't Suck

  20. 20

    Will Drones Cause More Wars? Google: Your New Best Friend. Wii U Woes Continue.

  21. 21

    Windows 8 is a Flop. Why 3D Printed Guns Aren't a Threat. WOW Loses 1.3 Million Subscribers!

  22. 22

    TV is Dead: The Future of TV

  23. 23

    Next-Gen Xbox Speculation. Is Nintendo Still Relevant? Internet Sales Tax is Coming.

  24. 24

    Reddit's Boston Bomber Fail. Hello CISPA, Bye-Bye Privacy. Why China Needs a Porn Minister.

  25. 25

    The PC is Dead. BitCoin is a Scam. Is Broadcast TV Obsolete?

  26. 26

    Disney Murders LucasArts. Roger Ebert Was a Jerk. Obese To Be Charged More on Airlines!

  27. 27

    Is BioShock Infinite Art? Twitter Protects Racists. Dongle Jokes are Sexist.

  28. 28

    Biometric Security Fail. Google Hate Crime. Facebook Introduces Hashtags?

  29. 29

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Hype, Ouya Game Console and Kickstarting Hollywood Movies

  30. 30

    The State of Video Gaming and Video Game Industry!

  31. 31

    Is File Sharing and BitTorrent Dead? - downLOADED

  32. 32

    China's Cyberwar With America. Is the PS4 Sony's Last Chance at Success? Cellphone Privacy.

  33. 33

    PlayStation 4 Speculations. Google to Open Retail Stores. Is Cash Obsolete?

  34. 34

    Google's Hollywood Debut! NY Times Tesla S Review "Fake"? Silicon Valley Wants More Immigrants!

  35. 35

    Are PCs the Future of Video Gaming? Chinese Hackers Infiltrate The NY Times. Dell Goes Private.

  36. 36

    Kim Dotcom: File-sharing Kingpin Starts New Website

  37. 37

    Outsource Your Job: How to Succeed at Work Without Working

  38. 38

    Tech Bully: Has Apple Gone Too Far?

  39. 39

    Apple Macs - Made in America?

  40. 40

    Too Old For Silicon Valley: Age Discrimination in Start-Ups

  41. 41

    Google Wallet Card: Backwards Progress!

  42. 42

    Side By Side: the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7! - DownLOADED

  43. 43

    Bravo's "Silicon Valley" Reality Star Responds to Backlash!

  44. 20,000 Volt Nerf Guns, US-Built Flying Saucers, and Sprint's Acquisition!

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