Vladimir Putin Rejects Hand Kiss From Priest





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Published on Aug 7, 2012

Vladimir Putin was not happy when a Russian Orthodox priest attempted to kiss his hand. Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, and Jayar Jackson break down the video on The Young Turks.


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Peter Aremone
Putin was embarrassed that an Elder Priest was kissing his hand, it was not revulsion or anger. It's like "Father, you should not be doing this, you're elder to me".
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All about that Kawaii
+Peter Aremone Putin is just like "Nuuu ples Senpai, not there!"
+Ivan Ivanov   Ivan, how is it that you have personal knowledge of Obama would like?  Do you have a friendship with Obama?  Are you a past lover of Obama?
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Silvie Ficová
This is demagogy !!! You are able to insult him even when he refuses to act as a superior to anyone ? Do not you morons understand why he refused it ??? Stop your stupid bad provocations - you can not twist the truth to the absurdum :-(((
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P Hern
Silvie Ficová i understand because secretly Putin has homosexual desires so a kiss from a male was his violent reaction because he hates the little girl he is in his mind
Yea young Turks are one sided sell out bigots. Against a person being White and American.
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Атанасије Новаковић
Idiots, kissing the hand is honor that deserves only priests and repreentatives of God itself, that mean you can kiss the hand of priest and ask him to bless you and he will bless you. Putin reject that because he knows what that mean and didn't want that priest bow to him and kiss his hand because he know that in eyes of god, priest is higher than any of us so pleaaaaase dont talk shit if you don't know orthodox rules and customs. Fuck you all, greetings from Serbia.
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Золотые слова, сестра!))) привет из России)))
Таинственная Матрёшка
+Revolution Style In fact it is not only an orthodox custom it is also a custom in most Eastern cultures like Arabs, Asians, Persians, Muslims and others.
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Nik Rizal
yes..revolution style is damn right there. I dont know why they seeing it as if putin was doing something wrong. In asian culture it is normal to kiss the hand of the elders and leaders. In this case i believed putin doesnt believe that the priest should be doing that to him as they are the religious figure. To me putin is being great there. Im not sure anyone here like the idea of your older and religious staff kiss your hand juz because u are their boss. i sure hell will do tbe same like what putin did.
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Doge is Away
+Peter Aremone It wasn't embarrassment nor anger, maybe he was utterly sincere to have a kiss.
Nik Rizal
+John Doe apologies for not responding. Care to elaborate more. I was in ireland for quite some times. I mixed around with all sort of people but quite close to russians and irish. What are the differences that u have in mind 
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Mark Thorpe
Putin did not see himself as a king worthy of a church official's submission! Russian men kiss on the cheeks like the french or Italians. Get your story straight you homo lover!
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Diego Crusius
I love homos. Whats the problem with that?
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Lion Heart
These guys are a bunch of idiots. Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian who stands up for the faith. He doesn't want the Priest kissing his hand because it would be as if he was acting like putin was a saint. He cocks his hand back as a half serious joke to the guy like don't do that. Im even more impressed by him because he doesn't want Russians worshiping him.
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Realistic Views
Start Us Yes , identical to Islam--Muhammad to Allah , right ????
+Rosalind Mead remember Saint Paul, before he became Christian He was devout persecutor of Christian, and then He becamed one of the greatest instruments in the Hands of God. A true Christian.
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Таинственная Матрёшка
Oh Gosh! Your ignorance of other cultures is soooo embarrassing!! This is so normal in so many parts of the East. When someone comes up and tries to kiss your hand, it is a normal sign of respect, especially if it is a parent, a president or a king, and removing the hand to prevent him/her from kissing it is in no way a rejection, it is simply a common reaction of humility! If you still don't get it: Putin is saying to the priest please don't kiss my hand I don't deserve it from someone of your status. As an Eastern, this scene is so benign to me we see it everywhere. Seeing you two freak out like two monkeys over it is completely ridiculous! Get out of your bubble and stop embarrassing your own country.
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meow um
haha lol
Leo Leo
Таинственная Матрёшка you word it exactly how i wanted,
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Terry Allan
I don't think he did it out of Revulsion, He doesn't seem like the sort of Man who would Disrespect Those Priest's. Maybe He felt like He wasn't Worthy to have his hand kissed by a Priest.
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+Terry Allan At least you can see the obvious
Muhojebac ‍
+Terry Allan It is customary to kiss hand of Priest, and not the opposite
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You liberals are stupid. A hand kiss is not just a cultural thing. And it's not really a hand kiss, it's a ring kiss. A ring kiss was a universal gesture throughout Europe, whereby those in the presence of a monarch would kneel, take the hand the sovereign would extend, and kiss the ring of office. This Orthodox priest was clearly going for such a gesture. But it was rude, out of nowhere, rushed, and not appropriate since Putin is not an anointed Tsar. A hand kiss in Eastern Europe is a gesture used by polite men on women. Not a man on a man. There is an exception: religious service. In a religious service a male being blessed may kiss the hand of a priest, as is protocol.
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hannibalcaesar3 russia is in Asia not europe
+Klaus1386 Agreed
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Nicos Theocharous
Εverybody should kiss him for saving the world from ISIS.
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Realistic Views
Krljavi Dzo Aren't you happy to see more of YOUR Daddy's supporters , child ????
Nicos Theocharous
+Maluhia808 I believe TRUMP will make America great again and the world.
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