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Published on Dec 26, 2010

Sweet Mountain Zone
Part 1 of 3
Acts 1 and 2

Welcome to Sweet Mountain! Insulin will be provided at a marginal extra cost. And when we mean marginal, we mean...enormous. This is a theme that I've been waiting to happen for a long time, second only to the haunted house that eventually appeared as Hang Castle Zone and the Mystic Mansion in Sonic Heroes. With the very surreal themes for Sonic Colors, SEGA gets a chance to incorporate this theme in somewhere. It's a planet full of steep heights made of cake, decorated with frosting, gingerbread men, lollipops, chocolate, ice cream cones, gumdrops and other colorful types of drops, and candy cane rails. I wonder how this planet smells.

Dr. Eggman has messed with the landscape here though, now using it as some sort of munitions plant. Nevertheless, he seems to have kept the dessert theme, with metallic displays of teacups, donut assembly lines, and humongous missiles whose warheads are stuffed with jelly beans. Later on, you will see machines loading what seems to be (British) Smarties into the missiles, tanks of flavored syrups and food coloring, and Buzz Bombers attracted to the honey-sweet place. And giant cheeseburgers for whatever reason. Someone at SEGA seems to think cheeseburgers are a dessert.

Meanwhile, a very odd but very catchy tune plays in the background. It's an out-of-place jazz of the 1950s combined with beach rock of the 1960s, which to me evokes roller-skate burger joints, diners, and tailfins on every car. Such a song can only be the work of Kenichi Tokoi, who seems obligated to make at least one out-of-place jazz song in each Sonic game. (Out-of-place jazz went out of control in the Space Channel 5 games.) It's an odd and somewhat awkward song, but...this is an odd and somewhat awkward Zone.

By the way, that planet seems to resemble a cinnamon roll.

The stages here introduce one more type of Wisp, the Yellow Drill. It's usable only in 2-D areas and allows Sonic to dig into any soft-looking ground. (He can't dig into metal or stone.) He'll always charge full speed ahead, so he may be kind of hard to control at first. You can boost to go faster, but this will burn through the Color Meter faster. The ground isn't the only thing you can dig through: You can also go up against a wall or ceiling to start digging from there, and the Yellow Drill can also function underwater (which you'll see later). From Sweet Mountain Act 2 and onwards, Burrobots will appear from underground and charge at Sonic. He will defeat them by touch, but he'll lose his Rings if he touches their drills. The Color Bonus for this is 4,000 points for every second you keep drilling after the first. This mean you can just keep drilling to gain quick points, but it's a high-risk, high-reward approach: You can see I got greedy and brought Sonic to an unfortunate end by accident.

This will also be a good opportunity to point out that when Sonic dies, the timer will not reset, but rather, will pick up from the time you were at when Sonic died. This means that in order to get a high rank, you'll have to finish the stage without dying.


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