Engage the infinite organizing power of the Constitution of the Universe to fulfill our desire





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Published on Jun 5, 2011

http://www.tm.org Engage the infinite organizing power of the Constitution of the Universe to fulfill our desire

1. Dr. Hagelin: Maharishi said last week that the Constitution of the Universe can be used to solve all problems. But he also said that understanding it is far beyond ability of today's leaders. How will today's leaders use this knowledge if they cannot understand it?

2. In one word, I would like to mention to you the total field of the science and technology, of the Constitution of the Universe. Earlier, we talked of "A," from the Vedic perspective, as one syllable from where creation begins and unto which the creation evolves.

3. Svara is one-syllable expression of the total creativity of Natural Law. Total creativity of Natural Law is expressed in one syllable, "A," which is the first letter of the Veda.

4. This first syllable of the Constitution of the Universe is awake in every syllable of the Vedic literature. All the consonants and vowels of the Vedic language, they have "A" in it. That means "A" is the source of the whole expression of the Veda.

5. That I have said the other day. Now today I want to define the Constitution of the Universe in one word. That is smriti. Smriti means "memory". This word "memory" expresses total quality of the Constitution of the Universe

6. What is the material in which this quality of memory is lively? Smriti is made of purana.

7. Smriti, becomes manifest in order to spread the whole manifest creation, through its own expression, called svara, sound. There are eight sounds. But the main thing is that it is purana: it is ancient.

8. When the memory is located in the unmanifest, that means the unmanifest had something before that it remembers. This is Constitution of the Universe. yatha purvam akalpayat. This purana, this ancient, has a memory. "As it was before."

9. The unmanifest field has a memory of the manifest before. This means the Constitution of the Universe, it has created a universe before, and it has a memory of that before.

10. "As it was before"- It's from here that the principle comes, "As you sow, so shall you reap." One word defines and discloses to us how the Constitution of the Universe functions: automatic. This spontaneous, automatic administration automatically takes the point to evolve to infinity.

11. To incorporate the Constitution of the Universe in our life one has to have the awareness innocently, fully awake. Total liveliness of memory means unmanifest. And unmanifest means all the manifestations. That means infinite number of creative intelligence all there functional. The how of the Constitution of the Universe has been explained in one word, "memory," smriti.

12. To live the Constitution of the Universe, practice Transcendental Meditation.Veda is not a thing to be studied in the books. This whole education to know the knowledge from books, is a waste of human talent. Human talent is divine.

13. Eight thousand people are good enough to maintain coherence in the world consciousness.

14. This is one-word formula to engage the infinite organizing power of the Constitution of the Universe to fulfill our desire. The practice of Transcendental Meditation, takes our awareness to that quiet unmanifest level where all the memories are fresh. You can pick up this memory or that memory or that memory or that memory.

15. The tree of creation, the whole tree of creation, is there in the unmanifest field. To capture that in our awareness through meditation is real and total education.

16. Book learning-is a waste of time, in the sense that you cannot gather total knowledge through reading. That knowledge is a waste of life. What is use of life is: to be in the state of total memory of all possibilities.

17. When we know it's possible for the total memory to be awake in our simple awareness, then, in comparison to that, present system of education has to be forsaken, has to be discarded. It's a waste of life.

18. This is a phase transition. This period will not last very long, because we are now in an age of communication where from one place we reach the whole world. Very soon everyone will be awarded with his own birthright to enjoy.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely recognized as one of the foremost scientists in the field of consciousness.

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