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Published on Jul 28, 2010

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Jorgidan 92
Well that escalated quickly.
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Connor is correct. I've met Megan Hilty and she told me the audience had no idea, and that some of them were even throwing peanuts at her to get her to shut up.
I saw outtakes where Louis is giving the girl directions in front of the crowd. So your claim is false.
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Congrats you ingenious people. You found out that this well camera-angled, well-scripted, perfect formatted, and obviously advertised  video with text such as"Ep 106" or "Watch LOUIE on FX, Tuesdays at 11pm", was fake. Fuck Batman, you guys are the World's Greatest Detectives. 
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Jessica Williams
Your comment had me in stitches XD XD XD XD
+Crisis1316 10/10
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Gene McBeats
"Did you just call me a C-word?" "No, I called you a cunt" 
Hey, it's that thing those people in that video said!
"And your mother's a whore." "My mother's dead." "Your mother's dead?" "Yeah." "That's good." That part always makes me laugh the hardest.
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Justin Abdallah
I like how quickly he retorts with "that's good".
Matthew Moseman
Well hey there Guts
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Blitzball Ace
6:15   "People come to these shows and they talk, that's what they do.  And it's your job to put up with it, or learn to deal with it at least."   Isn't that exactly what he was doing 
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Blitzball Ace
+MDMA4LIFE I put "quotations" around what I posted because I was quoting Louis.  He says Exactly what i posted in the video at 6:15 mark.
+MDMA4LIFE Actually the op of comment meant that he was dealing with it. He's a comedian, someone annoys you, you ridicule them.
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There's always three versions of a story - yours, theirs and the truth.
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Mark Aven
And he left that day lol. I'm one of those people also that truly believes that all reality is subjective, and the objective is a collective of the subjective. I have a couple friends who believe in absolute die hard nazi objective reality, though. Incidentally, they are all mean, angry, depressed people, one of them suicidal....I wonder if there's a connection?
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I love that everyone thinks this actually happened. It was staged for the show. That's Megan Hilty. She said that people didn't know that she was an actress (to make it real) and they actually were throwing things at her and stuff. It makes it all the more hilarious! :)
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+T Mac or the fact that the spot light turns on her before she talks, and the people at the table are obv sit-ins stoic and heads down. still great jokes
T Mac
You know how I could tell it was staged? The promo for Louis show in the beginning of the clip. Didn't know who the girl was. Thanks.
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Megan Hilty is an excellent actress tbh
Ramon Peters
I'll never understand why hecklers don't just already know that the comedian will utterly destroy them.
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you also found out once.
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Luca J
People commenting like this is real... wow... She just happened to be perfectly lit for the camera, what a coincidence!
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that's from his tv show, not a live show
Thomas Ball
+Egores House Louie is a semi-biographical show. So this incident or something similar to it probably did happen to Louie at some point. I hope that's what the kiddo with the cringe worthy name was saying. Other wise he really is a dense cuntflap of a human being
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