04 Full-on Lovemaking: Chordettes - Mr Sandman (breakmaster cylinder remix)





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Published on Mar 30, 2010

1 year and 11 days ago, I started this movie. And now, on this historic day, March 23rd, in this foul year of our lord, 2010... I don't even know.
I am very pleased to present to you, as well as to your friends, family, and personal demons, this 4th entry in an ongoing video series.
Music and video by Breakmaster Cylinder.
Video made possible by the glory that is Youtube.
Please subscribe and comment and laugh and cry and impulse-buy comfort food.
I sincerely hope that at least one thing you are afraid of shows up here today.
God help you,

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Thanks Grandma, for watching horror flicks with me.

Thanks to PopeyezVomitTheater for reminding me the indian guy at 0:49 is from "I Drink Your Blood".

Thanks to SteveQueenMc for pointing out the headsplit baby face starting at 2:27 is from Braindead/Dead Alive.

Thanks to you for subscribing and enjoying and subjecting your friends to this video as well.


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