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Published on Aug 8, 2012

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San Francisco, USA - 15 seconds after it happened
Julie and Lee stand shocked at the sudden chaos surrounding them in the lot and then risk a similar fate as Lee goes to aid the fallen people. A mysterious bearded man in glasses, Kenneth, appears and leads a small group down to Level 6, where he insists they're safe. But some in the group are skeptical of their hero and his theory for what has just happened.

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Chester Micek
The beginning of H+ is proof that writers who wrote this series are too stupid to understand transhumanist, nanno-technology. Avoiding science, they schlock up the plot with action and dialogue right out of "The Archie Bunker" TV Show. They know their audience is too dumb to understand anyting about a "Scanning, Tunneling Microscope, so they stick "Archie & Edith" in a car and show them driving around while each is logged in to the Android in his head. She's 'droiding places to blow his money; while, he's watching "The Game" on his implant device. Since the topic is transhumanism, I'm guessing that the audience is smart enough to wish for more than a zombie, a car crash, dead people running out of a hotel, and a golden, sprinkler shower. Segment one indicated that this series woujld be shalloow, stupid, and so like a moron, sitcom that a intelligent viewer would have to admit it is a tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing because it was written by the same morons who write shit-coms for TV.. . . .  
+Chester Micek And again, another sci-fi story that perpetuates the idea that technology is something to be afraid of. How can we progress as humanity if the very idea we support is used as a doomsday device in every single media? How can I talk about transhumanism without people saying "Man and machine should not be mixed. It's unnatural." "It would be the end of the world." "It's totally dystopian. Haven't you seen all those movies?"
Skald 'n' Scrivener
I agree, but please, don't confuse "audience" with "intended-audience." There are quite a few critics of this show.
Jacob Duchaine
So what I'm hearing is that in the world of this series, humans saw fit to integrate something into their bodies that: A) Is able to kill them given the wrong software. B) Receives instant software updates over some kind of global network C) Has a wireless networking function that cannot be easily disabled Is that what I'm understanding? No matter what software this device receives, it should be totally impossible for it to kill the user by doing anything short of exploding violently. I can't think of a reason that a device of that type should interface with any parts of the brain except the visual and auditory cortex based on what we've seen of it so far. We already saw that they control the devices by gesturing in front of their faces, so the device takes input and gives output only visually and audibly. The wrong signal in those locations don't just cause the body to shut down like a computer without a power supply. Seizures and nausea, possibly blindness and hallucinations. That's the worst case scenario unless these devices are also wired into other parts of the brain for no evident reason. Everyone dropped dead at the same time, from air traffic controllers to pilots to people standing around. Further, when a new person runs over into range of the wireless, he also immediately dies. This implies constant, instant updates from this global network that's connected to a device in everyone's brain that can kill them. The guy who had everyone gathering around them told them all to come over to where he was, instead of saying to disable networking on their devices. Once everyone was there, they started talking about it as if they were trapped there now. Evidently they cant turn off networking on a device planted into their own brains. On a side note, how does the guy talking at the end know it's the whole world that's been effected? Did he look that up online?
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John Cabrera
+Jacob Duchaine it's the writer here. Are you sure this implant has local software on it? Or even has a hard drive or what we would consider a local operating system, for that matter? If it doesn't (read, it doesn't) then that would mean all processing (including the GUI itself) is done on the cloud... and so data would need to be passed back and forth in real time. Could be one very important reason why some form of constant connectivity would be required. No data stream... no GUI. Also, have you gotten to episode 13 yet? As the series progresses, we reveal a bit more information about this implant and its history... which may help explain why it interfaces (can send commands) to critical processes. We certainly never suggest that this is a necessary function of the implant. Or that it's one that consumers know, understand, or are even worried about. Should they be? I don't know... you tell me? Can you think of any things happening under consumers noses today that they should be worried about? Being that it's a mystery, there isn't much more than set-up here by Episode 2. So I do hope you'll keep watching! Thanks for the feedback.
Jacob Duchaine
+Eric Misner My thinking exactly. Updates aren't delivered instantly or automatically to my laptop, updates must be approved, my laptop won't connect to a wireless network unless instructed, and disabling networking is easy. And if my laptop fails, I don't even die. It's ridiculous to think they'd have put LESS safety features into something implanted into your brain, especially if it was going to be needlessly connected your brain's critical systems.
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Bobby Livingstone
World network? Did we rename the Internet? The credits are half as long as the episodes. It's like they just split one episode into a whole season, but instead of commercials every 5 mins, we get to see the credits roll over and over. Hmm. 
Ian Aitken
or use ublockorigin
If u don't like it don't watch it and go fuck your self
Serrano´s Barrel
Me gusta.
coolv predictive programming
Salem Wilfong
I wouldn't mind having mechanical prostheses such as camera eyes, artificial limbs, and bones at least if it has a mechanical failure I can get them fixed; however, computer in my brain...fuck that. Metal Gear Solid 4 and this with the nanomachine/nano-computers hooked up to a system...haha, not going to happen to me.
Platypus Rising
It's Science FICTION and it's brilliant. Can't wait for more.
What is up with with awful annotations having to be turned off with every episode... just like popups except the advertisement is for the show your watching.
skog mose
H+.. I c...
Anthony Clay
*deep sigh* Transhumanism is not going to gain much traction if we keep feeding these doomsday scenarios. Especially ones named after one of our most prolific movements.
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