B.o.B ft Taylor Swift - Both of Us (Lyrics)





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Published on May 19, 2012

I don't own this song. No Copyrights Intended.
All credit goes to WMG, B.o.B and Taylor Swift.
Just a fan of this song, B.o.B and Taylor Swift :)

B.o.B ft Taylor Swift - Both of Us

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Clemintine Blitz
Damn. They don't make songs like this anymore. Songs don't have meaning now a days, they are all about ass and how much sex you can get. This song is about the problems in this world, expressing the troubles of low income people. No one cares about these things anymore, which upsets me. It's disgusting to me how people hate songs like this, but love songs about Nikki's ass and sex. It's horrible.
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This is my life. My single mother having to raise the 7 of us by herself. No help from my father. We made it out mom. i love you
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girl_in disguise
This song is a Masterpiece.
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Joshua Mercado
Is it wrong if I am a guy and freaking love this song? (straight guy btw)
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Samantha Thony
"I can feel your pain, I can feel your struggle You just wanna live, but everything so low That you could drown in a puddle That's why I gotta hold us up" <3 Thanks B.o.B
salah izhak
every time its Taylor turn, i get goosebumps  
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Archangel Sarah
Do you even lift, bro?
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Jesa St John
my niece picked this song to be played during her mothers funeral.. two years ago on Halloween we laid her to rest. she was such a strong women. she listened. gave advice. beautiful. had a smile and laugh that could just light up the room wherever she went... I miss my sis! can't wait to see her again someday.
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Avaa Kendraa
The second rap part is the only one i'm having trouble with, but i'll get there
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Damn. The message of this song is so important to rich spoiled people who spend all their money on clothes and electronics and shit like that. Some people today think they have so much power over others because they have more money than others. LIke B.o.B said "Does it even really matter? Cause if life is an uphill battle, we all tryna climb the same ol ladder" I don't how there are just some people in the world who suffer everyday with just getting 1 simple meal every day. Aren't we all trying to be equal? Why don't people who are "higher" than others help those in need of getting food, water, shelter, a bed to sleep in or even clothes. This song is inspiring to me, and im in average wealth. Even though im not "rich" I still want to help those in need. I hope people who think their powerful cause their rich hopefully one day realize that some people, need serious help. It just stuns me to see the number of deaths that are caused by hunger in poverty. This is just ridiculous how our world became of this. My question is: Why are some people so low? 
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