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Published on Jun 30, 2007

Exorcist III 'Legion' - Nurse Station Scene - One of the scariest scenes ever featured in a horror movie and generally regarded as a classic.

A police lieutenant uncovers more than he bargained for as his investigation of a series of murders, which have all the hallmarks of the deceased 'Gemini' serial killer, lead him to question the patients of a psychiatric ward.

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aternia laffsalot
this scene alone is better than all of exorcist 2
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Isn't saying much
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Why did they still bother putting jumpscares in movies after this? this obviously cannot be topped.
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Caleb Kettner
ElGato7000 it scared the shit out of me. way better than both of the conjuring movies
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Toolshed Bootygoon
Yeah i came here from watchmojo because that stupid motherfucker talking over the video kept interrupting the scene.
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Lol I did too :p
+Kyle Stubbs ikr, here it comes, HERE IT COMES!! RIGHT ABOUT... NOW! Jumpscare
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The way the killer walks freaks me out
William Beck
It's like they're in a hurry and the Nurse was in the way.
Terrence Aybar
I saw this in the theater twice and I screamed out loud both times at this scene. Funny when you consider that I knew it was coming and I screamed anyway.
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the more you try to not tense up the worst the anticipation gets and the more you "jump" out of your skin... if you're anything like me \. it almost makes it worse when you KNOW somethings coming
Terrence Aybar
+AwestaKhalid I don't know if you heard but there's a director's cut that's supposed to drop this year. Can't wait!
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Saw this in the theatre and screamed my head off. ah hem
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Mel Gibson
ADZ01982 I can top that. I saw this movie while incarcerated as a young boy. We would watch a film every weekend (chosen by staff) and then go to our cells for lights out. When this was finished, noone got up, the boys stared at each other, scared shitless and with the realization that we had to walk down those long corridors to our cells . . . the heavy blue doors lock, and we lay in the pitch black ... with the Devil on our minds.
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Genegmk Gomez
Very bad idea to had my headphones up loud.
Ultimate Fantasy
+Genegmk Gomez yeah me too :/
scared the fucking shit out of me first time i ever saw it. i couldn't walk down hallways without turning around lol
Kelby Taylor
+tomhulcelover What if you turned around one time, and he was there? What would you do? I just turned around from typing. LOL
I never found this scary because the way the white dude walks just looks like such a purposeful stride I always find it funny. It's like off screen he dusted his palms off and was like "I'm getting this shit DONE today godamnit"
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Jared V
Yeah. He has a little bounce to his step. With his shoulders bobbing up and down. It's weird. Just looks like he's fucking around on set. I find it funny as well.
what makes it scary is the fact that there are people arround here so you don't see it coming plus the fact the moment last for a few seconds. The moment is not really like a normal jumpscare, the killer just walks behind her but that makes it really creepy.
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its so damn effectiv holy shit
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