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Published on Dec 19, 2011

Are you hungry, and that beef or chicken sandwich isn't satisfying your hunger? Well look no further, as pork is the answer. However the question remains, where can one purchase a pork sandwich on the go? Well if it's that magical time of the year than look no further than your local McDonald's. The McRib may look like your average barbeque pork sandwich but that is where you're mistaken.

First and foremost is the pork patty. Shaped like a slab of ribs this unique attribute sets the McRib apart from its rounded competition. Next is the bun, comprising of thirty-four ingredients including azodicarbonamide - a flour bleaching agent found in gym mats. Lastly we have the simple but elegant addition of onions and pickles placed in the center of the McRib. All these characteristics add to the overall admiration of the McRib and its cult status.

Walking into a McDonald's is always an enjoyable experience, and that sensation amplifies when the McRib is on the menu. Only made available for a limited time every year, the McRib represents a piece of McDonald's history. Before filming "McRib (I Call Dibs)" we had never actually experienced a McRib sandwich. However, after writing this rap/song we knew that would soon change.

With no assembly required consuming the McRib proved harder to grasp than we originally conceived. Bob (B-Hanny) felt ill during the filming process, and motivation to finish the recording grew dimmer by the minute. Eating the McRib wasn't an option for a majority of the filming, but after a quick visit to the restroom Bob felt a little better. Still, the overall enthusiasm of this filming session was minimal at best. To counteract this we decided to freeze a McRib for a future reshoot.

Fast forward four weeks later and we finally find the time to finish filming. Equipped with no ill stomachs, the question remained, what was the state of the McRib? Was it going to be delicious, or was it going to be barely edible? Luckily for Bob the McRib tasted like it was fresh off the grill, but unfortunately that posed another question in itself, why? This McRib was well over a month old, and knowing that detail made the sandwich hard to eat. Regardless, the filming was successful and the McRib was consumed.

I call dibs, I call dibs... B*#3h in the house wanna eat McRibs.
I call dibs, I call dibs... Gimme your sandwich whore or I'll sock you in the ribs...

Yo, so, I, went to McDonald's feelin' kinda high
When I looked at the menu and to my surprise
McRib for a dollar? Holla, b*#3h holla!
Hold me back muthaf*#3h like a fucking dog collar.
Pull your ass up to window number 2
Spit in your food bitch watcha gonna do?
You spit on my McRib? (Yea I spit on your McRib)
Hold my sandwich b*#3h! I stormed in pissed
Grabbed his a*#3h over the counter and I busted his lip
Across my hip, kicked him in the dick, made him cry like a b*#3h
Spit on my McRib b*#3h? Never again
Call your buddies and all the rest of your friends
Pack yourselves up in your Mercedes Benz
Roll to my crib and come test me again
My McRib is my f*#3h crown jewel
F*#3h with my sandwich I'll leave you like fool
Leave me layin in drool, spittin out them teeth
Ill twist your woman up like a Christmas wreath, yo
And that's a f*#3h warning for mess'n with my McRib
When I pull to your window you better remember this s*#3h
I call dibs... I call dibs... Spit on my McRib and ill kick you in the dick

B*#3h! What?

Our taste buds were craving another helping of McDonald's, but no ordinary sandwich would do. Sure the McGangBang (http://youtu.be/wxZesFOOHEY) and Double Pounder (http://youtu.be/Lm3aQQkgco4) would feed our appetites, but we wanted something more exciting and new. With its lushes pork patty and mouth-watering barbeque sauce, we discovered the McRib sandwich turning towards our mouths. Our appetites surrendered to its mighty deliciousness, we soon did away with the napkins and went straightforward to fifths. This ultimately turned into the end, we're just happy we met the McRib, are newest best friend.

With all of that being said, we will surely be seeing the McRib again. Recorded on the iPad 2 with GarageBand.


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