Frank Johansen's 'Apex of the universe' from A.M.D Dimensional Distortion





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Published on Oct 11, 2010

The 7th track from my album: A.M.D Dimensional Distortion

Track: Apex Of The Universe

Mortal Philosophies-Apex of the universe

The allied forces deals a massive blow to the city as Jason and his elite force races through the streets towards the palace. Flying enemies hunt them at every turn but the Eldrin forces take them out. As they get closer to the palace a huge mechanical machine appears in front of them. Thanks to the Eldrin forces diversion they manage to slip through leaving the blood stained streets so that they can enter the palace.

Inside the fighting seems endless as Jason and his friends rush up towards the throne room,
adrenaline is high and they carry the hopes and dreams of every one on their shoulders.
As his friends gives him cover fire Jason manages to get into the throne room but what awaited him he could not explain, there was no throne.
He now Stood face to face with a walking mechanical being, that seemed more alive than a machine.
This was not the emperor, that was as clear as day but who was it or what was it?
It spoke to him as if it had been waiting for him and in its hands it held the core fragment.
It introduced itself as Alius Mundus Deus. It gently put the fragment on a pedestal.
Jason did not believe that statement one bit as he tried to grab the core fragment while aiming his gun at the mechanical being just standing there.
Just as he almost had it the pedestal closed up and crushed the core fragment.
Sadness and anger washes over him as a laughter from Alius Mundus Deus echoed through the room.
Jason holds his weapon in a firm grip and pointed directly at the mechanical being as it spoke its final words and boasted that it was impossible to kill him, he wasn't really there.
Jason pulled the trigger and blasted the being until only metal dust remained.

Outside the battle was over and the people celebrated, however Jason and his friends
were all filled with sorrow, they had failed in their mission.
They speak with the Eldrin leader about this and they reached a horrible conclusion.
To save the universe they had to destroy the planet earth.
With sadness and grief they had the special bomb that the Eldrin gave them loaded
onboard their ship and said their farewells to this planet.


Ground pounding quakes of destructive war machines
Closing in on the Capital Kerroch the seat of the emperor
Holding place for the core and origin of pain
Flesh creatures in mortal conflict
All form of life depends on this war

Earthlings lead the bloody assault on the mighty enemy Groz
War torn plains covered in the thickest red and blue
Mechanical giants, shake the ground
Imploding bombs and laser turrets split the air

One goal in mind, one enemy in sight, they commit their lives to this fight

Terminating life a devastating sight
Life means nothing in war
Crushing bones under the might of technology
Life and hope paid for with death, blood and destruction

Walls crumble leaving behind the rubble
Dust rising to the skies as the city burns
Racing through these streets chased by airborne foes
Supported by the Eldrin forces we survive
Breaking through all defences

We can see the palace

One goal in mind, one enemy in sight, they commit their lives to this fight

Terminating life a devastating sight
Life means nothing in war

As we close in on target the ground shakes
A massive war machine emerges from the depths
Eldrin diversion, as we break through!

Crushing bones under the might of technology
Life and hope paid for with death, blood and destruction

Adrenalin rush, my small elite force blast through
Blood pumping, a trail of death as we ascend

Friends cover my approach towards the final stand
Massive metal door in front of me the time has come

I enter to end this brutal conflict, but what awaited me I cannot explain.

Welcome Jason Masinger, I have been expecting you... ...
Call me, Alius Mundus Deus
There is no throne, no emperor.
Now face to face with a mechanical being
Not Groz or Eldrin but another... ...

You want this? I know it is what you have been searching

Core fragment lay in front of me but as I reach for it, it is crushed
NOW sadness combined with anger washes over me as a laughter echoes through the room

Muahahahaha! You cannot kill me, I am not even here!

My body shakes as hatred and despair arise
Killer instinct of vengeance action speaks louder than words
I blast the being to metal dust.

Outside the battle is over, a joyful cheer fills the once war filled streets
But only sorrow fills our human hearts as we know we failed us all.
The Eldrin find an answer, the one we feared most
We must destroy the earth with a psycho bomb.

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