Taylor Swift and Harry Styles kissing:Dick Clark's rocking eve





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Published on Jan 1, 2013

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles kissing at Dick Clark's rocking eve 2013

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happy 2 year anniversary to the most traumatic moment in all of our lives
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eduardo tovar
+niallharry Happy 3 years,haha
Brina Patel
It still hurts 😭💔
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ana lawrence
I want them back so bad
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ana lawrence
if it was for publicity,she wodn't written a whole album about how she fell in love with harry and about the break up.Taylor it's not fake.She's the sweetest. I'm not a fan,but I believe that
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this is still the most disgusting thing i've ever seen in my entire life
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Daryn Herman
I remember finding out about this and crying myself to sleep. Damn that kiss hurt me sooo bad. 
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Dulce Lopez
omg same
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all taylor got from this relationship was hate, obviously it's not a publicity stunt. 
Granola Bars
All publicity is good publicity. It doesn't matter if she got hate, they both got exposure to different genres of people. This was probably PR.
Daryn Herman
It seems like they went there, kissed, and then left. It totally seems like a PR stunt. 
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Savannah Martinez
Fight Sleep. harry was at a concert b4 then ud think he'd want to spend time with her.
Daryn Herman
I am literally laughing. It's okay if you ship Haylor. I could care less if it wasn't a PR stunt. I don't keep up with Taylor at all. But it still seems a little weird. They could have easily got mobbed. It's not the smartest they could have stayed where they were and kissed instead if being out in the middle if a huge crowd. 
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¿Era necesario besarse frente a una multitud? Harry se veía triste y aburrido. Prácticamente Taylor se abalanzó sobre él y lo besó, que pena que Harry haya tenido que corresponder su beso. Detesto los comentarios que dicen "Los extraño, cuanto se amaban, quiero que regresen." Por favor, Harry nunca amó a Taylor, ni siquiera eran buenos amigos, nada. Fue simplemente publicidad.
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Emily Munoz
+Mrmoustachex3 Tu no sabes nada de Harry. Ni nosotros, pero porque Taylor escriberia canciones para una relacion de mentira? Harry tambien a escrito canciones para ella. Harry hasta dicho antes que se juntaran que el queria salir con ella.
Marah Barnave
Joder mami este video no lo filmó un canal... son fans de taylor...si oyes que gritan TAYLOR TAYLOR y ni dicen harry 😂 en otro video que graban los fans... estan saliendo de ahí y siguen agarrados de mano.. harry firma un autógrafo y vuelve a la mano de ella... no fue real... pero el año pasado harry silvó a taylor en los AMAS 😏
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What a pr stunt modest. LARRY FOR LYF
Drics Seria
I understand why Harry seems so uncomfortable with all this PDA because Taylor's mother and brother were behind them, it's a little bit embarrassing to kiss his girlfriend in front of her family. Not to mention that there were so many people with cell phones on their faces and we all know Harry is usually very discreet about his love life. Anyway, they were a really beautiful couple , a pity they split.
Ana Taccari
Look at Harry after kiss her, he did everything about Haylor to hide Larry and to promote 1D and Taylor too, she had a new album on sale and she needed promotion and they succeeded. They were on the front pages for months and still are. And i know that Taylor is more famous than 1D but even the best brands need promotion. Don't you see all that pics in HQ. In a month of "relationship" they had more photos than Payzer in two years. And what about the "date" on the zoo. Honestly who the hell take his stylist and her daughter to an "date"? It is ridiculous. and the zoo? Really? Two persons as famous as they wouldn't go to a public zoo and not pass unnoticed and what the hell does a paparazzi in a zoo? In a first date, should have privacy to know at the other better. Not go to a zoo with hundreds of people watching them. But that was they wanted. They wanted to be seen. Haylor was a "relationship" even more public than Elounor. 
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