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Streamed live on Jul 17, 2014

Pick 6 Leak How to WIN the Lottery Revealed!! Pick 6 Leak Money Cash Back. http://descrymarketing.com/go/Pick_6_...

Pick 6 Leak is a strategy that focuses on high frequency numbers. Some number do appear more that others and once you know what numbers they are it will increase your chances of winning. You also need to have a desire ti win: therefore, you need to use Law of Attraction deliberately.

If you're not getting evidence that your desire to win the lottery is manifesting, then you need to review the Law of Attraction formula and check to see if all three conditions for Deliberate Attraction are being met. All the desires you may have—for example, attracting an ideal mate, an ideal client base, ideal health or an ideal abundance of money—require these same three conditions:

Step 1: Clearly identify your desire

Step 2: Raise your vibration (Give Your Desire Attention)

Step 3: Allow it

Step 4: Get Pick 6 Leak (Learn number draw frequency)

So let's examine these three conditions with respect to manifesting a winning lottery ticket.

Step 1: Clearly identify your desire (you bought a ticket and you WANT to win). Step 1 is done.

Step 2: Raise your vibration (you talk about and daydream about all the things you'll do with the money you win). Step 2 is done.

If the only things we needed to do were Step 1 and Step 2, most people would have everything they've ever became excited about. So as you observe that you've NOT attracted what you've been desiring (in this case, a winning lottery ticket), you'll need to check the three-step process to find out which step needs your attention more often. In most cases it's Step 3: Allowing.

Allowing is the absence of doubt. Doubt is a negative vibration that cancels out the positive vibration of your desire, so removing doubt will allow your desire to come to you. Removing doubt will speed up the manifestation of your desire. Get Pick 6 Leak

One of the best tools for removing doubt is to start keeping a log or journal of all the ways in which you are attracting more abundance into your life, thereby you are finding proof! Abundance is simply energy, and the more often you discover that you are aligned with the energy of abundance, the more often you will be removing doubt that you are Allowing your desire to win the lottery. Get Pick 6 Leak

For example, if you find money or someone buys you lunch or you find a great sale on an item you want to buy—this is all evidence that you are in alignment with abundance. Logging this evidence or tracking it in a journal will help you to prove to yourself that you are aligning yourself more and more with abundance. Get Pick 6 Leak

In short, how soon you'll win the lottery is determined by how much doubt you have about winning, and winning is all about removing that doubt, thereby aligning yourself with the energy of abundance.

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