"Beautiful Memories" Lucid Dream Induction + Binaural Beats (90 Min Cycle)





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Published on Feb 3, 2012



This video is a sleep aid to a persons natural 90 minute sleep cycle. The first hour puts you in a calm and healing deep sleep while the last 30 minutes help transition your brain into REM sleep and induce a lucid dream

The first hour contains ONLY binaural beats and natural rain sounds. The last half hour includes ambient music, natural wind sounds, binaural beats, and vocals suggesting you are in a dream.

*Before starting it might help that you fast forward to the last half hour and check to make sure the volume is set right for you to be sleeping*

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mareo broter
The worst part about being a pedophile is trying to fit in.
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Alexandria LeDeVault
dude, I watched this and I woke up right when the voice told me I was now dreaming....ha....and I was paralyzed. the walls didn't have solidarity, they were kind of shimmery and there was a spider the size of a grapefruit crawling towards me on the unsolid ceiling I don't know if I was screaming out loud or what, but the spider got right above my head and disappeared, then I could move. both of my dogs were on top of me flipping the fuck out. I'm not doing this again. I went to sleep feeling great, but man, that was short lived.
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Megan Amber Przekurat
I dreamed that my mum & dad (who died when I was 9 in real life) both got shot right in front of me & my mum died & my dad was still alive but I didn't know but I was wrestling the guy who did it & we were trying to kill each other & before I killed him he shot my dad again under my arm & when I turned around I saw that he had been alive but that last shot killed him & I eventually stole the gun from the guy & shot him & then I forgot what happened but then I was walking through a cemetery of sorts & I was crying so hard with my mum's ghost beside me but the thing is that in my dreams I've never like really felt something like it's like watching a movie, you know? but this one, I could feel it. like I could actually feel myself screaming when I saw my parents get killed, & I could really feel myself crying, almost like I was crying in real life.... I woke up so numb, & started crying for my mum immediately. it was so awful, honestly the worst dream I've ever had... 
noobs i listen to this when i do my homework! 10 seconds later... ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzz
oh HellNo
This gave me a pretty hard erection..i hope..uhh..nevermind, not appropriate for YouTube....
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Historical Oracle
Listened to it last night and like some others comments I read my dreams were really fucking weird. I also had one dream where I got really angry and my body started tingling from the rage inside. It actually felt good so I'm going to try again tonight but if I have more fucked up dreams or dreams that provoke anger I guess I'll stop using this track.
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D Lee
i turned into james bond married princess bubblegum and trashed down beverly hills with my dawg jay z and then fell asleep inside this dream and another dream and met leonardo dicpario... 0,0 inception
Scott Papapietro
Had a dream that I was merkin dudes in call of duty... It was awesome I was in the game
Timothy Pringle
Holy god this is real, i put on my headphones last night thinking it wouldnt work but holy shit i had the most vivid dream ever, it wasnt a nightmare, on the contrary jt was a beautiful dream, when i woke up i could not distinguish reality. Im angry that i woke up, but i woke up feelimg extremely well rested.
Jorge E
I listened to it and the sounds after the first hour scare me and give me nightmarish dreams

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