How to Make an Atheists Head Explode (Uncensored Comments Version)





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Published on Jan 13, 2010

Video by GodLowDown - I have authorization to post this video Under FAIR USE. The video has not been edited and is shown in it's entirety for informational/educational uses.

A great video (although refutable) considering who made it. Sadly the video's greatness is vastly overshadowed by the fact that the user did not allow comments and does not want a free flow of information (good or bad). Apparently he is fine with propaganda (why surprised?).

Please do NOT vote according to the level at which you agree with the conclusions the video promotes.

Please vote 5 stars so that the Uncensored Comments Version is among those versions found in searches. Consider the value in coherent well thought out arguments against atheism, however refutable they may be. Most of all consider the educational value of allowing comments and video responses to such a video. Thank you.

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Phil Harris
The comments section of these videos really erases all positive hope for the human race. 99% on both sides of the debate are just plain uneducated, closed minded, and illogical.
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The big problem with your argument is that,cause and efect have never postulated "everything comes from another thing",only that,every reaction,needs an action.If energy can not be created or destroyed, then it has allways existed(don´t forget,what it does is transform.Matter is another configuration of energy,and can become energí again.So,the beggining of the universe was only the change in configuration of the same energy that has allways existed,without any need of magic intervention.If you can accept that a god who hasn´t been seen yet could have always existed,why not energy,which has been documented,and really has that property? The only reason we say "god can´t exist since he would break the cause-effect relation"is because we are responding to people who says that EVERYTHING needs a creator,because every effect has a cause. The thing with cientific observation is that,sometimes,you can know how something happened even without seeing it (The resolution of a crime using prints,DNA etc.)But,in the case of gods,ther is not anything that can make us reach the conclussion that they exist.Everything we"know"about gods comes from their particular sacred books,which explain how they are and what they have done(how did they create the world,the things they did before,like nohas floodt etc.)but it turns out that nothing on thoose books really happened,or it didn´t happen in the way they describe ir.So,the only thing that would have given the gods any credibility,actually disproe them(ther may be a god,but it will not be the one of any sacred book,since they lie about woh things happened)
At least we admit we don't know
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Colleen Berend
To the first thing on Cause and Effect: No logical thinking Atheist says it came from nothing, we simply do not know WHAT caused it. It is that simple. So yes we believe the Big Bang is real, we do not know what caused it. However this does not in the slightest mean it came from nothing. It came from nothing that we currently know.
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Nothing Doing
I love how Christians always portray Atheists as smug. Guess it's better than being portrayed as a dumbass for believing in Dark Age Mythos.
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Cute, head still intact though. If you think this is a good refutation of atheism, then you're incredibly simple.
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Lazar Miladinovic
where did God come from then ? if we are going to use that logic
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Heres one for ya! How the hell and who the hell made god? Hm? P.s. Our brains must not explode like yours do xD
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Emmett Mulroy
"How to make an atheists head explode"- Make them watch this ridiculous video. If you want to have a debate and you're confident in yourself, have a debate with someone, not with yourself. Its funny though, this debate is sort of like prayer......talking to yourself!  The truth is we don't know what came before the big bang, we do however know that it happened. Creationists don't know what came before the big bang either, difference is they don't try to find out, they just accept the teachings of an unfounded archaic book that constantly contradicts itself. On the subject of the principle of cause and effect....if something cannot come from nothing, then where did god come from? Saying there was always a magical man in the sky is equal if not worse than saying matter and energy always existed. Though I'm more inclined to accept the constant of non-sentient materials than the constant of a giant magical sentient childish bearded man in the sky that decided one day to create a race of intelligent beings in his imperfect image, just so he could abandon them and never actually reveal himself, except through his cosmic zombie son, who is also somehow him......? Grow up, there is no war between Atheism and Christianity, atheists don't believe in anything, and that doesn't coincide with your ridiculous childish beliefs, therefore when you try and spread your bullshit, they will answer. Trying to point out the stupidity of logic is like trying to smell the number 9. I'm Agnostic and your video is ridiculous.
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Will Huston
One word: dinosaurs (creationist head explodes)
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