Black Keys Chapter 35





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Published on Aug 2, 2009

I fell asleep with a smile on my face, happy that my Nick was back.
**End POV**

**Kat's POV**
Kevin: Nick called. He's staying the night at the hospital with Aly.
"She's probably thrilled about that"
Kevin: Yeah, that's what I said. He said she yelled at the nurse and the nurse called him saying she was unstable without someone there.
I laughed. "I bet the nurse criticized him. You know how she gets about him"
Kevin: I have a feeling he's probably going to get married soonest after me. *chuckles*
"I don't think Aly's family would let her get married before she's 25" The Burkes were rather old fashioned... I glanced at the clock. It was only 9. "You'll be home soon?" He was on his way home from the store. It was going to start thunder storming and a tornado warning had been issued. Joe and Sara were already back. Rachel and Paul had left the club before Sara had. And Bridgitte had called me to tell me that she met one of the twins that Kevin had invited to the wedding and she now had his number. Everyone was home... except Kevin.
Kevin: Yeah. I'm just leaving the store now. It's not supposed to start raining for another hour, hon. Don't worry.
"Okay. Drive carefully. I love you"
Kevin: I love you too Kitten
We hung up and I slumped back on the couch. He had insisted on going to the store while I finished the wedding invitations, saying we would be finished about the same time and we would get home together. But I had gotten home first, even with all my dawdling and delays.
Sara: Don't worry Kat. He'll be fine.
Joe: Yeah. He's a really careful driver.
"Thanks guys" I said, standing back up and dragging my feet to Kevin's room. I pulled my photo album out from under the bed and started flipping through it. I don't know why, but I had this awful feeling. I just couldn't shake it.

I opened my eyes and looked at my clock. It was midnight. "Kevy?" I said tentatively reaching out to the other side of the bed. My heart was racing. What if something had gone wrong? I hesitated. There was a lump there... but what if it was just the blankets? I was freaking myself out over nothing... I hope. I put my hand down on the lump and....
**End POV**

**Shannon's POV**
The hospital's visiting hours were 8-6.. so I showed up at 8 and asked to visit Aly. I think I might be the only one who hasn't actually come in yet!
Receptionist(R): Do you have ID?
R: The girl that nearly killed Aly Burke may come back to finish the job. We need to make sure that we prevent that any way possible.
"Oh. Okay" I handed her my drivers license and she let me by.
R: Room 7. {{LOL Aly's lucky number!!!}}
"Thanks" I walked back and I noticed room 7 had a police officer standing by the door.
Police: You have ID?
"Yes" I handed him my drivers license. "How is she?"
Police: She's recovering.
"Do you know the officer that pulled her out of the water?"
Police: Why?
I pulled the small bunch of violets out of my bag with the thank you not that everybody had written attached. "I'd like to give this to them.
Police: Yes, I do know her. She's taking over for me next shift.
"When's that?"
Police: 20 minutes.
"Thank you" I put the flowers back in my bag, wrapped carefully in the wet paper towel so they wouldn't die. "May I go in?"
Police: She may still be asleep.
"Okay" I pushed the door open. "Good morning sunshine"
Aly: Shh. You might wake Nick
I smiled at Nick, finally asleep, halfway on her cot, halfway on the extra one. "I brought you these" I pulled the larger bouquet out of my bag and unwrapped the vase.
Aly: *sighs* Lilies. My favorite.
I put them on the table in the sun. "I thought you could use something to brighten this room up. And I'm giving the thank you letter to the police officer that saved you. We all wrote it. Would you like to add a little?"
Aly: Yes please. Do you have paper?
I handed her the little notebook and pencil. She wrote a quick thank you and then I tied it to the violets next to the other thank you. Then Nick started waking up and I sat down with Aly. She wanted to be caught up on what everyone else was doing
**End POV**


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