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Published on Mar 19, 2012

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After the release of the Extended Cut & the other story DLCs Bioware hasn't directly denied nor approved the IT (with its many arguments makes perfectly sense (also within the lore)). They want to keep their artistic integrity which is okay, so it's up to YOU whether you interpret the ending with IT (Indoctrination Theory), other theories or take the endings at face value.

However, if Bioware wants us to take the endings at face value, there is no profound mind struggle, no interesting indoctrination attempt and everything happened as we have seen it. Either way, Bioware has missed the chance to write gaming history by delivering us one of the greatest mind blowing twists ever...but apparently it was not to be (or at least not clearly).

Fortunately everybody can choose his/her own personal ending... whether it is IT or not ;) Therefore we have our own imagination...

Choose whatever pleases you and remember all the great moments in the entire trilogy

Please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors

Enjoy this new version of my video that shows you evidence of the Indoctrination Theory.

The Mass Effect 3 ending was nothing more but an illusion induced by Harbinger to trick Shepard to give in to indoctrination and become one of their tools in the war.

Here is a proper version of my first video regarding the INDOCTRINATION THEORY. It shows you many interesting hints which all support this theory of Shepard being indoctrinated (at least Harbinger tries to) at the end of the game.


Everyone who wants to be completely convinced or who still denies it please read this:


It will blow your mind away!!!

Follow this links to take part in further discussions about this theory:




has been created and assembled by many people independently all over the world. Fans who paid attention, who slowly recognized the big picture

There are sure many different interpretations of this theory, this video shows you just how i think of it.

The credits go to everybody out there who contributed to this well thought theory.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Indoctrination Theory (IT)

Please visit this website to take a look at the FAQ:


(The amount of text for a video description is unfortunately limited, so i had to move the FAQ to my website.)

!!!! Do you have any additional answers that could be added to this FAQ? Please send them to me via PM. !!!!

What do you think of this?


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Video & audio footage

Mass Effect II & III

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anatole (english editing)

pkm100 (polish captions)

gundam94, x256kx,


00:00 - 00:10 - ME2 OST - The Collector Base
00:11 - 01:37 - ME3 OST - Prothean Beacon
01:38 - 02:38 - ME3 extracted ingame music Wwise_Generic_Music.018
02:39 - 02:46 - ME3 EXT Wwise_End001_Streaming.077 (dream music)
02:47 - 3:24 - ME3 EXT Wwise_End002_Streaming.055 (Crucible music)
3:41 - 4:42 - ME3 OST The Ardat-Yakshi
4:43 - 5:22 - ME3 OST Leaving Earth
5:23 - 6:20 - ME3 EXT Wwise_CitSam_Streaming.023
6:21 - 6:40 - ME3 EXT Wwise_KroGru_Streaming.035
6:41 - 7:03 - ME2 EXT Wwise_EndGame2_Music.017
7:10 - 7:53 - ME3 EXT Wwise_Generic_Music.001
7:54 - 14:37 - ME2 OST The Collector Base
14:38 - 17:22 - ME3 OST An End Once And For All
17:35 - 19:20 - ME3 OST A Future of the Krogan
19:43 - 20:30 - ME3 OST I Was Lost Without You
20:33 - 21:30 - ME3 OST Mars

If you can't extract the music by yourself (tutorials on the web) than maybe you will find some of the tracks in the unoffical expanded score:


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