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Published on Oct 25, 2012

AP Ticker debates his most formidable opponent yet.....HIMSELF!!!!!!
THE GREAT SCRAPPLE DEBATE with your moderator AP Ticker.
October 26, 2012.

People tell me I should vote for Obama because he is the "lesser of 2 evils". But does there ever come a time when both choices are just too evil? Let's take an extreme example: if Hitler and Stalin were running for president , who would be the lesser evil? I guess you would have to vote for Hitler since at least he didn't kill millions of his "own" people...unless you are Jewish, gay or a gypsy, then you probably have to vote for Stalin and hope for the best. Or perhaps at that point you need to say both are so horrific that you can't possibly vote at all. That voting for either just goes against any sense of humanity and decency. Well, how far does a ruler have to go to be too far?

If you don't vote, then that's one vote taken out of an equation that will determine the political landscape of this country for the next four years and beyond. And if he chooses not to vote for the evil president Obama, it only empowers the evil Mitt Romney. Not voting doesn't fix any of the flaws in our political system. Hoping to cause a political change by not voting is like trying to find a new job by taking a nap.

Look, Obama is killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children and causing thousands more to live in fear 24 hours a day with his drone wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ah, but to hell with them; they're not Americans. Even Bush and Cheney never went that far. He studied constitutional law at Harvard and knows the law. He's a firm believer in the 1st amendment and freedom of speech...that is unless you have real information that is inflammatory about the government. For that he has prosecuted more whistle blowers in 4 years than all previous presidents combined, including Bush. He has had Bradley Manning tortured, kept in solitary confinement and detained without trial for over 850 days...A vote for Obama is a vote to continue those same policies.

And it's well worth considering that a vote for Romney is ALSO a vote for those same policies, and then some. Is there any doubt that Romney would continue the pointless expansion of the military? That he'd pursue the same "free trade" agreements that ship our jobs overseas. That he'd continue the same oil and gas drilling policies as Obama, whose energy policies brought us the BP disaster? I could go on about the uselessness of voting, but I am mesmerized by the beautiful color of your eyes.

You sir, have an enchanting musk...Now I know lots of people are disappointed in Obama because he didn't give you a magical rainbow pony like he promised. But it seems this year you have a clear choice: Between someone who wants to throw Mom Mom off social security and take away her medicine or the person who saved the auto industry and killed Bin Laden. Between someone who's put two left-of-center women on the Supreme Court, and someone who'd stack the court with more Scalias and Thomases: in other words corporate whores. Between a person who passed an imperfect health care reform law, and a person who thinks corporations are people.

Scrapple TV is written by:
Scott Colan
Brendan Skwire
Steve Galley
Scott Seiderman


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