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Published on Jun 27, 2012

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Josh from IndieStatik gives you the crazy bird-related backstory of Metroid. Spoiler alert - Samus Aran is a girl. Have fun!

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Written by Phil

Voiced by Josh from IndieStatik

Edited by Schroeder

Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross


Samus Aran's story begins on K-2L, a colony housing the precious crystal, Afloraltite. Ridley and the Space Pirates raid the colony for Afloraltite, destroying everything in the process. Samus' father, Rodney, decides that the only sensible thing to do is to blow up the ship carrying all the Afloraltite, along with himself. Ridley encounters a young Samus, and just before he kills her, Samus' mother, sacrifices herself to save her.

The Chozo, an race of alien birds, discover the orphaned Samus and take her to Zebes to raise her because having alien birds for parents isn't creepy or traumatic at all. They infuse her with Chozo DNA and gift her with the Power Suit to help her endure Zebes conditions.

The Chozo elders meet to discuss the threat of X-Parasites, an organism that can infect a host, replicate its DNA, and kill the host in the process. The Chozos fear that if revealed to the galaxy, X-Parasites might be abused for its power. To combat X-Parasites, they engineered the Metroid, a bioweapon meant to prey on X-Parasites because fighting a deadly parasite with another deadly parasite was the only solution they could come up with.

Ridley and his Space Pirates raid Zebes for Chozo tech and their Metroid. In the process, the Chozo-built supercomputer, Mother Brain, decides she is way too smart for her creators and joins Ridley to replace the obsolete Chozo race with Space Pirates.

But Samus escapes Zebes and so begins Metroid!

Have fun!

LORE - Metroid Lore in a Minute!

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