Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls





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Published on Jan 4, 2012

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This is a parody of this video "Shit Girls Say"

if you're STILL upset, please read one of these articles to understand what this video is really about.

This is the piece I wrote for the Huffington Post "From Meme to Social Commentary" which talks about my inspiration for the video and how it came about

Here's my appearance on Anderson Cooper, which also features my good friend Megan, who this character was inspired by http://youtu.be/q8PgO0AT4B0





Village Voice article

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Shit Girls Say
Shit Girls Say
Shit Girls Say

Shit Black Girls Say (Official Video) Billy Sorrells
Shit Black Girls Say" (Official Video) Billy Sorrells
Shit Black Girls Say" (Official Video) Billy Sorrells

Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls
Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls
Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls

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Comments ÔÇó 28,634

Itsme Iamhere
Once my cousins told me "you talk so white" NO I TALK LIKE I HAVE A FREAKIN EDUCATION!!­čśĄ´╗┐
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Valentina Worldwide
talking in slang or ebonics does not mean you are not educated´╗┐
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I love seeing angry white people cry over the truth´╗┐
View all 131 replies
Andrew Escobar
Is it Ok if a white girl dresses like a "black Girl" and says ignorant black girl sayings in a video and uploads it on youtube?´╗┐
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With all these white tears I can end a drought´╗┐
View all 67 replies
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Behold E├Ąrendil
aaaaaall those butthurt white people in the comment section.´╗┐
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Mike Mitzel
This bitch is so hypicritical she talks about racisism and does some racist shit like this ­čśé´╗┐
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Logan Williams
I love how people of color try to defend their utter rudeness by saying "Um black people cant be racist, look at this definition of it we made up we can only be prejudice" Like being prejudice and stereotypical is still a bad fucking thing?????? Its not like racism is just inherently worse?????? Seriously´╗┐
View all 62 replies
Seth Fry
Yeah, people claim cultural appropriation for stuff like this, but its okay in this instance because a social justice warrior did it, and its against white girls.´╗┐
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Fine-Business Operator
Yeah, white girls go around saying stuff like this all the time to black girls. Not. Don't believe everything you watch on Youtube.´╗┐
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Joshh Dunnn
Just because it doesn't happen to you or in front of you doesn't mean it doesn't happen´╗┐
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Brandi Graham
I would not generalize a whole race under one stereotype. Have I had experience with some of these comments? Yes, but not everyone is the same. There is good and evil in every race. But more importantly I think we should stop putting labels on certain ethnic groups and when I mean certain I mean all. All it does is stir up controversy.If you live in America even if you are from European, African and Mexican descent you should all be called only American. Not African American, European American or even Mexican American. Which by the way, Mexicans geographically speaking, are in fact American because of the location of Mexico being in the continent of America. Tell me where in Britain are people saying "oh look that's a Mexican Britain" or "Afro Britain" only in America. And until we end this feud between each other, the United States will never truly be "united" as one nation. Love the human race, and all the people inhabitant ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ´╗┐
View all 15 replies
Humanity Exiled
Generalizing should be done with begining the sentence with "generally speaking it's common- (insert observation, estimated percentage, and thesis here)". Even so, without the polite notion at the begining, really easy to judge when somebody is simply generalizing and when they have some hostilities (however little) in most cases, and not "racist". So when subhumans like SJW's and normies put on a facade of playing victim to being offended, I cringe and wonder why administering pest control on them isn't legal, they're a hinderance to the genepool snd likewise should be dispatched. Generalizing is a criticism like with any criticism shouldn't be frowned upon, as it brings issues to light. For example, many Blacks should frown upon the degenerates that create a negative portrayal of their race and criticise them, rather to defend the degenerates who are a mockery of their race by calliing the critics "racists" and censoring them. True self-respecting Blacks who want their community to progress would side with me on that, as defending degenerate behaviour is as complicit of an action as being one of the degenerates. Fuck SJW's.´╗┐
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Fucking racist piece of shit´╗┐
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Isabel Sahin
like BLACK PEOPLE who can't take jokes!!! and always think they are oppressed!!!!´╗┐
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Charlotte Ashlock
Why are so many commenters questioning the accuracy of the video? That's stupid. The content creator is making a video about what happened to her and how it made her feel. She knows more about her own life than you do, so questioning her makes you look dumb. You CAN'T say that you as a white person have a better understanding of what feels racist than a black person?!! that just does not pass the basic logic test. And to the content creator: I'm sorry. ´╗┐
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