(B - 2 of 3) The Genuine Content Of figure4etc yolasite com , etc (Part 2 of 3)





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Uploaded on Oct 15, 2011

Websites: http://balancedway.weebly.com/ , http://www.youfreeweb.com/balancedway/ , http://www.YouFreeWeb.com/balancedway2, http://www.YouFreeWeb.com/balancedway3 , http://www.YouFreeWeb.com/balancedway4 (See Figure 4, Figure 521, Figure 6, Figure 7, Figure 8, Figure 9, Figure 10, Figure 1021, and
Figure 1022 at http://figure4etc.yolasite.com/ , http://figure4etc1.yolasite.com/ , http://figure4etc2.yolasite.com/
, or http://figure4etc3.yolasite.com/ .)

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Full Title Of The Video: (B - 2 of 3) The Genuine Content Of figure4etc.yolasite.com , figure4etc1.yolasite.com , figure4etc2.yolasite.com , figure4etc3.yolasite.com (Part 2 of 3)
Carefully Scrutinize The Last Revision: 1) "ALL DATES DELETED TO PREVENT OBSOLETION", 2) "And No Date Of Publication", 3) "mountain-shaped", 4) "was, and still is,", 5) "were, and still are,", 6) "could, and still can,", 7) "INCAPABILITY", 8) "exists", 9) "person/s, with the sole purpose of", 10) "his/their accountability to the people for the sake of his/their accountability to his/their own political party, thereby making him/them to block or destroy the undoubtedly and truly excellent bills of the opposite party in order to restrain such political enemy from becoming more shiny/attractive/good-looking in the eyes of the people. Also, it acts to prevent the condition in which the member/s of the aforementioned multi-head executive body or the non-pseudo second-chamber legislative body sacrifice/s his/their accountability to the people for the sake of his/their accountability to his/their own political party, thereby making him/them to block, through the use of law or governmental power, the entry into the government of opposite party/ies or independent candidate/s who is/are truly good/noble/intelligent/excellent, who is/are qualified by fair/just requirements, and who is/are beloved and trusted by the people and/or persecute opposite party/ies or independent candidate/s through the use of law or governmental power.", 11) See the other websites, 12) "well-educated", 13) "currently-thinking, had, his, the, the said, + in a home, + Filaments", 14) "missing parentheses added", 15) "includes the boundless space and capability to reason out correctly about what is beyond such imagination, the capability to strictly observe and explore all the necessary networks of valid reasons, the capability to remember life situations, the capability to project hypothetical life situations or visualize the consequences of an action, and the capability to avoid being deceived by", 16) See the other websites, 17) See the other websites, 18) See the other websites, 19) See the other websites, 20)"[If the theory about the time of the end of all lives and the theory of forever or very long existence of lives are both theories {"very long" may be the technical or exact term for the figurative word "forever"}, and if it is not fair to inflict suffering on anyone, considering that the theory about the end of all lives causes emotional suffering or nightmare and the opposite theory on forever or very long existence of lives does not inflict suffering, then it is fair/just to think about the forever or very long existence of lives while searching for the truth about the existence of humans as biological beings in the universe.]; the particular part of the search for perfection that involves the totality of all possibilities vis-a-vis the perfection of the psycho-emotional condition and public welfare totally prohibits any act of designating a specific future end time of the existence of all persons [If this act of foretelling the future end time really inflicts remarkable sufferings and even death on the people, having the additional reason that there are lots of possible good things that may happen in the future that the foreteller and all other persons absolutely do not know {even scientific observations and conclusions always have the possibility of being false because there is always a possibility that there is something that the scientists absolutely do not know, did not detect, or miscalculated}, then it is necessary for the government to create and/or implement restraining law/s to solve the problem on such inflictive act {The government shall consider if it is more worthy to protect the particular part, that tortures and kills, of the right to free speech than to protect the right to life of many people who are tortured or even killed by such right to free speech of only one person.}]", 21) misplaced bracket "]" deleted, 22) "a mentioned thing always exists inside the mind if it has no substance outside the mind", 23) "The Physical Essence (Or The Elementary Particles And/Or Other Physics-Related Essence/s [If Any])", 24) "a", 25) See the other websites, 26) See the other websites

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