America Is Next For Riots and Revolution





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Published on Aug 10, 2011

Watching one of the worlds leading civilized countries go through what they are right now one has to wonder how far the US is from something like this happening??? TO BE AWARE IS TO BE ALIVE

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Callum Jackson
you don't sound very Irish
Tyler Rateau
not only that but the injustice in the police force is very unfair.  policemen get a slap on the hand for accidental murder and the citizens of united states just get a choice of death or jail. I am ready to start my rally and make a legion out of it to fight against this corrupted country
Lanai Peterson
When is America going to come to thier senses they continue to prove that they are as blind and as dumb as a blind sheep 
Shit dude, you aint even Irish.
Strength Through Commitment
I don't know what you thought you knew, but you can't tell me that every one of those business owners are living in nice houses and have nice cars and expensive frivolous vacations. If you knew anything about business owners here in America you'd know, they are under profit for the first 7-10+ years of business, with practically zero exceptions to the rule. Once they finally make it out of the hole they dig so they can begin to prosper, they have little to nothing left to spend on this frivolous lifestyle that you imagine they are living. Their profits are practically non-existent for many years and they will continue to be unable to support 1 individual business owner; much less their family. I am able to ascertain that you have never had a class or study in business. You have yet to study the economy and how small business effect economies or vice versa. Here's the scoop, small businesses save economies. The poor destroying small businesses is an idea developed by wicked men. Where do you believe the vast majority of jobs come from? If you say "big corporations", I want you to know that is the equivalent of saying all our tax dollars come from "the rich". If you don't know the mass majority of jobs for the poor are supplied by small business... Then you should just stop assuming things. You need to wake up and realize you don't have the answers because you assume all these things that you don't know.
mike hunt
Here in Detroit will be like fish in a barrel, they will starve to death in 3 days
Yuri Gioia
where are these giant riots and big revolution you are claiming are coming? Its been 3 years. WHEN!!!???
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Richie Vass
Gangs? they are citizens who got fucked up the ass by their gov! and are pissed!
My parents wont believe me. 
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liar liarliar
Even during the Riots, London had a lower rate of serious crime than most large US cities. If it kicks of in America, it will make the London Riots look like a tea party.
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