This is how young muslim girls embarrassed a big atheist Richard Dawkins





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Published on Jan 28, 2011

Read in simple English language, Quran in PDF

or here

Nummerical programming of the Quran by God, impossible to recreate by HUMANS

Moon landing, prophecy in the Quran

Non-religious Evidence That God Exists, with photos

Why Islam Is Only True Religion From God, and Quran is real book of God

Mathematical Evidence that Quran is from God

Death, Judgment Day, Paradise And Hell, read everything about it here

Read HERE What God said in the Quran, in english

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ATTENTION PEOPLE HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU all atheists, try to answer it. Neutron was discovered by James chadwick year 1932, and he named it neutron. Explain now to me how could Quran mention consonant letters of Neutron (in arabic orginal quran NTRN) only once in a place where it correspond to its ratio between neutron and electron, only in this verse 18:39 and we know today that Neutron is 1839 times heavier than electron. explain that if you can. if you say it was chance, only in 1 place out of 6236 verses in the whole quran. cant be a chance.
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Yuvan Raj
skakvac If prediction is Ur proof then Simpsons in the true religion and Homer is the real God.
Charles OKorator
LMAO, cause allah? sike! yeup, just chance. In a large book like that, its often that people find these coincidences. Its not magic, superstition or relgion. The Bible has some similar things, does that make them both true? What about in the book "God is not Great" by Hitchens, if i find that his book has similar coincidences that means he is correct? Of course not. What a straw to grab at to try and assert your POV.
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Katie Anderson
I watched the video and gave the whole thing some thought. Here is my opinion; Obviously the Quran is not a science book. It is preposterous to use it for any kind of scientific study. I listened to those girls closely. Ignorance does not mean stupidity. I noticed that they speak English. Hopefully they are in the West, or at least privy to enlightened knowledge where they will learn that the Quran is an ancient religious book which contains essentially no workable scientific knowledge. 
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David Browne
90% of Muslims know little of the Quran because it is written in classical Arabic. Yet still these poor idiots have to learn to recite these verses in Arabic. WHAT A POINTLESS EXERCISE. The scholars do not want it translated as this might affect God's pure word. Unfortunately it has already been corrupted. Not all of Muhammad's dictates actually made it into the Quran. Allegedly at the Battle of Yamama over 450 hafizes were killed with what they knew lost. So the Quran cannot be the pure word of God as a great deal of it was lost at the Battle of Yamama. ON TOP OF THAT When Abu Bakr realised what had been lost, he called for all the parts of the Quran so he could have it put into one book. The hafizes had memorised their respective verses in Classic Arabic - western dialect. Yet when the Quran came out it was in the more popular classical Arabic - eastern dialect. So for a second time, the purity of God's words had been affected. I am sorry but your Holy Book is flawed all the way through.
David Browne
Of course they are in the west. It is an English Islamic school. The bloke with Richard Dawkins is the same cat who found it difficult, while on the BBC, to say apostates should be killed under Islam.
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Tᴅᴏᴛ Dᴇsɪ Kɪɴɢ
Let's face it. Dawkins beats the shit out of religion. End of story. You can choose to live in a lie or truth, that's all up to you. But we will keep evolving, so stay out of the way religi-tards.
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Yuvan Raj
Believe in God? Well all athiests who were born in a Religious households were believers. I'm no different. And 'believe it'? Don't u think that's why we are asking for proof? And I admit we don't know many things but we are working on it. Even with tons of books submitted for peer review haven't yet answered those questions and one book answers it? And yes no one designed me. Would the designer design a genetically disordered baby? And does everybody looks good?. And if I believe in god, what's the use of asking these questions? See, it's just as u say, a belief. 
شرف الدين الغرناطي
hahaha you are a copy of Richard Dawkins, you have to believe in God first and then we can talk about that Do you think that you came from none ? and no one Designed you ?
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Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage
Oh my Allah! The truth has been spoken! I must go have sex with a 9 year old girl at once!
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Jaack Sonred
+Glenys Wiseman I said I want you to bring up verses. I want proof.
Glenys Wiseman
+Jaack Sonred you sad loser…NOT ALL the filth of islam is in your man made koran, but mohammed did marry a six year old…and in shariah/islamic law CHILD dnd prepubescent CHILD is indeed permitted…and your imams who are islamically appointed perform the ceremonies. Let me REPEAT…when people who dare have morals and care about the innocent victims of islam speak out re little girls married off to old men for sex,use,abuse,beatings and denied family contact, then denied divorce and all by the age of 8, they are told 'its islamic' its due to immoral losers like you who SUPPORT islam that these children sffer so hideously
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Kim Jefferson
6:38 all animals live in communities, WRONG. 16:15 mountains prevent earthquakes, WRONG. 13:13 thunder is an angel, WRONG. 54:1 the moon split in half, WRONG. 55:33 space flight is impossible, WRONG. there are over 1000 mistakes in the koran, if you would like to learn more, consider joining the 21st century like the rest of humanity
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شرف الدين الغرناطي
Kim Jefferson
+Atif Javed  Numbers do not proof god in any way. It only proves there is a ratio and that things might be related.
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aishma·webs·com Aishma
This video is a fail. Proves nothing, sorry.
Senanur Duran
it proves everyting
Scotty Nguyen's 80s Mullet
This video is complete shit. Go suck your Imams dick.
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Jas Brw
Scotty Nguyen's 80s Mullet 😂amazing comment
Padd Leed
You low-life have concubines and child slaves instead, pieces of shit.
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When did the last muslim win the nobel prize for science? I know! Never! Arab ancestors pre 1500 years ago were the best and brightest and brought the world much knowledge. Unfortunately they turned to islam and cock block science. As people we are all the same, we all bleed red. It's time to wake up as see that there are better ideas then islam, christianity and the rest. Humanity is at stake!!!!!
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Balkan Intros
ahmed zewail and aziz sancar
+Saeed Vazirian As a muslim you should be ashamed of yourself for stating such nonsense! Islam is an idea and not a race. There is no race, colour or sexual orientation in science. You have the right to believe in anything you want. I have the right ridicule your beliefs! All ideas good and bad need to be tested for truth! Islam is no exception! 
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Just another Atheist
"Ratings have been disabled for this video" This about describes everything about your stupid video. 
The islamic moaning during this video is kinda annoying. Anyway, I think Dawkins was trying to say that just because something was observed by whoever wrote the Quaran, that is also observed today, does not prove the existence of God. They mention lightning and rain and storms in the Bible. Oh! That proves God exists because we have storms now too!
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+muhammed ali maybe put down the Quran for a minute and pick up a science book. Richard Dawkins is a biologist just like the other 99% of all other biologists and scientist of all different disciplines in all different countries all over the world who agree the evolution is a fact. But I guess the person who made this video thinks it is all a massive conspiracy brought on by Satan... Because his ancient book written by scribes a couple thousand years ago that he has dedicated his life to couldn't possibly be wrong lol. 
+Redu Acht Ya, he clearly didn't have a grasp on embryology at all. 
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