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Published on Feb 25, 2013


You may notice that there is no episode 19. Well that is because youtube won't allow it. I promised to show you the best movie scene from the best movie ever. When I uploaded it youtube said I cant use that copyright material.

So my sincerest apologies to every, and in order to satisfy your curiosity, the Movie is Oliver Stone's JFK. The closing argument offered by Kevin Costner is amazing. He describes what will happen to America if the Military Industrial Complex gets away with murdering their Commander in Chief.
Well, they did and all of his predictions have come true.

Today, I want to explain why there is a declining standard of living in the US. What I am about to reveal however, is perfectly true in every country in the world.

This graph speaks for itself. When governments cannot recklessly print money and run up huge deficits, then it is somewhat contained. (Not enough for my liking but at least it has some limitation).
Prior to 1971, when America had a more sound monetary system, the technological advances that occurred each day naturally found their way to benefit all members of society. In the absence of theft, a rising tide lifts all boats.
After 1971, however, the U.S. officially left the gold standard and we can see that the Federal Reserve System has since stolen the entire sum of every single technological advancement, from then until now.
I need you to think about that for a minute.
Before the home computer, before the Internet, before mobile phones, before Fax Machines, before Word processors, Spreadsheets, Pong, even before Bic invented the disposable lighter...
From then until today, The Federal Reserve System has stolen every single benefit, which every single one of those inventions and the many thousands more, provided for society...cumulatively.
Not only has the Fiat money system done that in America, but also it has done it to every country on the planet.
Think of just one secretary, at one small business in 1971 who had to type out all of the company's invoices and mail them. Think, that used to take up her entire workweek. That job would have paid her a comfortable salary to live off.
Now, think that she should be able to have the exact same lifestyle but working only 15 minutes per week to get that job done with her home computer and printer.
That means she is working 15 minutes for herself, and 39 hours, and 45 minutes for the banking cartel that has stolen that productivity increase from her.
Now, multiply that by every secretary on the planet. Then, multiply that by every industry that has had similar technological advances. The volume of productivity and, therefore, lifestyle confiscated from the citizens of the world by the banking cartel is mind-boggling.
In fact, it becomes silly to even call them citizens... they are livestock. The bankers are the farmers, and the workers of the world are their farm animals. Obediently getting milked every single day.
When people hear that the banking cartel has enslaved this world with debt, their response usually is, "Well that can't be true or the media would have reported it." Now you understand the quantity of wealth that the banking cartel has stolen and used to buy up and control all of the mainstream media.
When their response is "Well that can't be true, a politician would have been elected to end this theft." Now you know where they got the money to buy all the major political parties in every country on the planet.
Check out Episode 15 to see the Illusion of the choice you have in media and politics.
Next week, I am going to be lazy. I am simply going to show you the best movie scene from the best movie, ever. If you have happened to sit next to a man wiping tears out of his eyes on a plane in the last 2 years, it was probably me watching this scene. I seem to watch it on every flight.
It reminds of the sacrifices that people make fighting for truth and freedom. Can you guess what it is? I don't think you will guess it even with a big hint so I will be generous: Kevin Costner is the lead and it's his monologue.
See you next week.

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